How To Plan A Wedding That Perfectly Encompasses You And Your Future Spouse

Planning your dream wedding?

Some people love the idea of planning their wedding, at least, until it comes time to the actual plan. There are so many little details that can become overwhelming and stressful, which tends to create a lot of anxiety and worry.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what, the end goal is that you are getting married to your spouse.

The little details can drag things down, but you don’t want to focus too much on those, especially if anything goes wrong – which, let’s face it, something probably will.

So how do you go about planning your wedding so that it’s “perfect” for you and your spouse?

The key is baby steps. In most cases, once you are engaged, you have months before the big day, so you have plenty of time.

Take one thing at a time so you don’t get yourself stressed out with too much left to do at the end. Breaking things down into simple, smaller tasks can alleviate stress and create a much easier process.


Get a Planner

First, you should get yourself a wedding planner to help you track all of the things that need to be done. There are many out there from actual paper binder planners to online planners and checklists, to an actual person who will take your ideas and plan the wedding for you, down to the fine details.


This is extremely helpful because most paper or online planners have all of the little details listed out for you so that you don’t forget anything and you can easily check off things as you go along!

If you hire an actual planner, just be sure it’s someone who sees you and your spouse’s visions and will work well with you to plan the wedding you both desire.


Budget Your Money

Sit down to plan a budget, and do your absolute BEST to stick with it. Weddings can be extremely expensive, and when you break down all of the things you need for the day it can really add up quickly.

Figure out how much you can save or how much you already have saved up and price things out ahead of time, as much as you can, so that you aren’t surprised or shocked when the bills come.


Work Together

To actually blend your tastes, be sure to include your spouse in all of the planning. You want his/her input as much as your own, so don’t assume that you have to take on everything yourself.

Discuss the big things, like the venue you want to get married in, the number of guests you will have, and the vendors you both want to prioritize, whether that be a particular wedding band you want to perform or the caterer you want to cook.


Music and food in particular offer great areas to blend both of your tastes. The experts with the Around the Town Entertainment wedding band encourage both parties to weigh in on the genres and song types that should be played.

That way, the band can blend your tastes and there will be something to sing along to for everyone. Similarly, both you and your future spouse should weigh in at your food tasting to create a meal that you each want to eat on your wedding day.

It’s all in the details

Go through your planner and work together on smaller things too, because these details are what speak to you and your partner as a couple. This is where you can be creative and come up with things that fit the two of you. For example:


1:What song do you want your first dance to be?

Pick a song that you both truly love or that has some meaning to it. For example, my husband and I were announced to the song “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, because we sang it at karaoke together on the night we first met. It was a song that has meaning for the both of us.


2: What kind of food do you want to be served?

Will it be buffet style or will your guests be picking a dinner? As mentioned, your caterer should work with you to find an option or two that works for both of you. If one of you is a “foodie” and the other is a picky eater, you might select some unique appetizers or side dishes to complement a basic entre option.


3: What will you have for guest favours?

This is a little detail but it can really encompass the two of you. It’s common to do simple favors like coasters, mints, chocolates, or drink koozies, while others have done very unique ones like shot glasses filled with candy, chocolate dipped spoons for your coffee, or wine bottle toppers with a starfish for a beach wedding.


4.What will your colours be?

A color scheme can be something simple or hard, but to make this easy   for you and your spouse, each of you should pick your favorite color and as long as they go well together, it’s done!

If you decide you want to incorporate a theme to your wedding, this may greatly impact the color choices you make. Try and find something that’s somewhat gender neutral and that both of you can be happy with.


5:How will you do your centerpieces?

You can incorporate fun things here – anything from table tops that have wooden trunks for a bottom to glass mirrors with beautiful elaborate vases of flowers to movie quotes with pictures of famous films.

If you’re looking for a way to show who you are as a couple, you can display different items at each table with explanations of what they mean to the two of you.

For example, one couple who tried this idea placed a Nintendo game console on one of their tables because a pastime of theirs was playing video games together! Be as creative as you’d like, people love seeing the things that helped you come together.


Utilize Support & Have Fun!

Your friends and family can be a great help; especially those that have been married before. They can offer great advice or even provide materials and ideas they used to create their dream day, so lean on them.

Once a friend uses specific items for their day, like card boxes or table numbers, they won’t have a direct use for them anymore – and oftentimes they’d rather see these items be put to use again, rather than collect dust. This is an easy way to check items off the master list.


Save to ease stress

Even if you’re on a budget, there are so many easy ways to save money when creating things like centerpieces and favors. For centerpieces, consider buying vases and fake flowers at the local Dollar Store and immerse the flowers in water inside the vases for a classy but affordable look.

It’s easy to save money if you look for unique ways to DIY for your wedding – and it provides a great bonding activity for you and your future spouse. If you both create your decor together, both of your personalities will shine through in the decorations.

However you decide to go about planning your big day with your spouse, just be sure that you have fun doing so. Wedding planning is supposed to be a joyful process, so take your time and soak it all in so that you can enjoy the day when it comes – and more importantly, so that you can have a successful marriage together.

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