How to reduce stress on your relationship during pregnancy

It’s not all glow …

Pregnancy can put a strain on any relationship, no matter how strong it is.

The good news is, there are plenty of steps you can take to keep your relationship healthy and strong throughout your pregnancy.

Open communication about feelings and expectations from both partners is one of the most important things that you can do to nurture your relationship during the pregnancy.

While spending time together as a couple is essential, it is also essential to take time for yourself, too.

The Physical and Mental Effects of Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body is overloaded with extra hormones that can cause intense emotional highs and lows. It’s kind of like PMS, except it lasts for nine months, instead of just a couple of days.

Not only do have to deal with crazy hormones, but you’re also preparing for a significant change in your life. It’s perfectly reasonable for both you and your partner to feel moments of extreme stress and joy.

Your body will change

During the pregnancy, your body is going to go through some major physical changes, too, and that can have an effect on your self-image. As an expectant mom, you will probably feel tired and vulnerable at times.

There’s a good chance that you’ll be more involved and interested in the pregnancy than your spouse is. To complicate matters even further you may become more, or less, interested in sex than you usually are.

How Your Pregnancy Might Affect Your Relationship

Try to understand that it may be difficult for your partner to feel the same connection to your unborn baby as you do, especially in the beginning.

As your pregnancy progresses and your baby makes its presence known, through your ever-growing baby bump and obvious kicks and movements, your partner will likely develop a much stronger connection.

It’s also very natural for one, or both, of you to have some anxiety about becoming a parent. There may be some concern about the timing of the pregnancy and how it’s going to affect your finances, career, or independence.


Prepare For Parenting

Alongside financial planning and shopping all the needed items for your new baby, you and your partner can start practicing how to take care of an infant. Realistic dolls such as those you can get from are perfect for diaper changing, proper carrying and other chores parents need to know.


Your focus shifts

There will also be a shift in the focus of your relationship to include your child, and that will take some adjustment from both of you.

Remember that all of these experiences and feelings are new for both of you. There may be times when you feel a bit unsure about how your partner is feeling.

Try to talk openly with each other about your you’re feeling, both the good and the bad. Good communication will clear up any misunderstandings, prevent disappointments, and strengthen your relationship.

Why It’s Important to Take Time for Yourself During Your Pregnancy

Taking time for yourself during your pregnancy is vital for your physical and mental health. It’s also crucial for the growth and development of your unborn baby.

But that’s not all! Taking care of yourself while you’re pregnant will help you feel more relaxed, more beautiful, and less stressed, and all of those things can have a positive impact on your relationship.

There are several ways to nurture your own emotional and physical wellbeing throughout your pregnancy. Here are some ideas to help you get you started.



Getting regular exercise during pregnancy is good for your mood, your self-confidence, and it can help to ease common pregnancy symptoms, such as muscle cramps and back pain.

Some of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy are walking, swimming, and yoga. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before you get started.


Prenatal massage

Understanding more about prenatal massage is an important first step in taking time for yourself during pregnancy. Studies show that women who attend regular prenatal massage sessions throughout their pregnancy have shorter delivery times, require less pain medication, and have fewer cesarean births.

Just like massage during any stage of life, prenatal massage leads to a reduction in mental strain, anxiety, and fatigue.


Indulge yourself

Of course, it is important to eat a healthy diet when you’re pregnant, but it’s perfectly okay to indulge in a special treat once in a while.

In fact, some studies say that eating dark chocolate occasionally may help reduce the risk of preeclampsia. There are other ways to indulge yourself, too, such as having lunch with a friend, a little retail therapy, or getting your done.


Listen to your body

Growing a new life is a lot of work, and your body will need more rest while you’re pregnant. Don’t push yourself when you’re tired.

Part of taking time for yourself might include taking a short nap in the middle of the day or asking for help when you need it.


Most importantly, remember that this is one of the most joyous times of your life. Enjoy this time with your spouse and take time for yourself. It’s going to be a little more challenging to indulge yourself once your baby arrives!

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