How to secure yourself a second date !

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Ok so you have started talking to a potential Mr Right and really think that you could hit it off , needless to say you are excited about the first date, and if all goes well would love to make it to round two!

It’s a rare thing as we all know to meet someone that we actually are attracted too, have chemistry with and can enjoy each other’s company mutually.

So whilst you are getting excited for your first date let’s keep in mind how to potentially secure another one soon after.

Turn up on time

Yep that’s right; this is the one time you don’t want to be “fashionably late”! Men love women who are organised and punctual plus it’s good manners and sets a good first impression. It shows that you value your time together and have prioritised it; you are both probably nervous as it is, so best not to leave him pondering and sweating about where you are and why you are 20 mins late! Show him respect from date dot, and set the tone you want reciprocated.

Dress to impress

Time to put that extra effort into your appearance so that you not only look amazing, but you feel confident as well. Shave , wax, pluck, dye, tan , exfoliate, wash, spray and paint till your heart’s desire ( well not quite , do what makes you feel and look beautiful, looking like a barbie doll is not ideal !). Depending where your first proper date is dress for that occasion/ location. Where something that flatters your figure and skin tone, and makes you feel confident. The trick is to complete the look with shoes, nail polish and accessories, spending that extra bit of time on yourself will be worth the look on his face when he first sees you!


Keep it casual and fun

Don’t be so serious, this isn’t a job interview or make or break moment if he is going to be your future husband! Relax, have fun, laugh and learn to enjoy each other’s company without all those high expectations. You are getting to know him so there should be lots to talk about, keep the conversation light and casual. Make some jokes, be a little cheeky and learn to laugh at yourself.

Keep Talking

Have yourself a list of topics prepared in your head beforehand if you must, but ideally since it’s a first date there should be lots to talk about. Ask about his interest, hobbies, work, family, travel, favourite food/ animal/ country etc the list goes on! What do you want to know about this man? This is the exciting part of discovering new things about someone you are crushing on, but steer clear of the following: Exs, private family business, bank account balances and sex. Keep the tone casual, interesting and fun, there’s no need to get too deep or serious so soon. Of course something equally as important as talking is also listening to what he is saying (like actually listening not just watching his sexy mouth talk !)

Leave some mystery

Don’t give away all of your secrets just yet, men love to hunt so keep him wanting more by not revealing everything! As Sherry Argov pointed out in her book ‘Why men Love Bitches’ “don’t let them think they have 100%hold over you”. In other words this man might have your attention but he needs to work for your heart and make the effort to discover more about you. Don’t give away your pearls so soon, go home alone, show him that you are independent and wise and also have a whole lot to offer at the same time. Men love a confident woman who knows herself worth, so keep your heart guarded and save a few stories for the second date!

Flirt a little

Men aren’t mind readers, so if you are interested then show it through some body language, smiles and your eyes! A light touch, a laugh or even playing with your hair are all ways to show you are keen and if you need a few more tips then read my “ How to get your flirt on ” post . Ladies be your wonderful self, have fun, keep some mystery about you and leave the man with an impression he can’t forget!

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