How to Show Love: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The world we live in today has become increasingly fast-paced.

Entertainment time is completely adaptive based on preferences. Meals are on the go, our maps completely interactive, and conversations are no longer face-to-face.

In such a dynamically action-packed society, humanity’s love affairs have also been affected. Human beings now reach adulthood much sooner than older generations.

The human race now has the shortest attention span in comparison to all other previous generations.

A diminishing level of concentration is one of the reasons why present-day love affairs are void of commitment.

People have romances to flaunt their exquisite selection of lovers. Others follow courtship rituals only to satisfy their greed or intrigue.


Difference Between Love and Lust

Couples bound by lust often fixate on each other’s looks and physical features more than they worry about each other’s feelings.

Both are obsessed with their partner’s body, not ready to accept each other as friends. When in lust, couples check the love compatibility between their zodiac signs and use it as an excuse not to commit.

True lovers want to spend quality time with their sweethearts, and if that leads to sex, they are not reluctant to try new things.

Loyalty, sincerity, integrity, and trust can all be put aside for a one-night quickie for people under the influence of lust.

Companions in a committed relationship seldom hesitate to meet their partner’s friends, family, and colleagues.


Their love doesn’t need public approval

Some couples are committed to each other but not ready to disclose their relationship to the world. They have declared their love for each other to each other, but they are still uncertain of each other’s motives. So they have decided to keep their love affair just between the two of them.

They choose privacy over public declarations to protect and nurture their relationships whilst still solidifying it.

Speak with Their Eyes

In an office setting, when the boss is on a daily round, all the employees straighten up. If anyone has made a violation, they try their best to overcompensate by acting right.

If a coworker notices something which can incriminate their friend, the colleague will try to inform their friend using nonverbal signals.

Similar situations happen on the social front. Let’s say a couple is in the presence of a few close friends or relatives. The couple respects some people and vice versa.

Now the female in the couple wants to inform her partner something without everybody else finding out. Maybe her man left his fly open, or she wants to advise him not to talk about a particular event in front of a specific person.

Instead of texting him, she does one of the things confident women do in a relationship. In a room full of people, she maintains eye contact and explains to her man what to do.


Plan Surprises for Each Other

In the real world, just because a couple loves each other, they are not going to be together all the time. Couples spend inordinate amounts of time being away from each other.

Working couples become more intertwined in their daily routine at the office instead of dedicating time to each other.

In scenarios like these, when the couple does not have much time for each other, couples make the time they spend with each other memorable.

Couples celebrate birthdays, their first date, or first kiss. They remember their partner’s likes and dislikes and try to associate those biases into the party to have a good time together.


Behave as a  Couple

Certain public places can be deemed appropriate to display romantic behavior. These include movie theaters, amusement parks, ice-cream parlors, or the beach.

These locations host diverse groups of individuals every day. Some are there on a school field trip, and others are there with their friends and family.

Couples in love with each other will always be seen together in these public places. Men try to fraternize with women. If an unknown man tries to mingle with a woman who is already there with her man, she politely refuses him.

If a mysterious woman makes a pass at a man, he dismisses her request without giving her any attention. Committed couples do not pick up other people when they are with each other.

They limit flaunting their romantic gestures to their partner alone.


Know Their Partner’s Inclinations

Some couples believe that they know what their likes and dislikes. For example, a female may be out with her office colleagues at an ice-cream shop to get ice-cream on the go.

She can choose from a wide variety of flavors. She takes what she likes and decides to get some for her boyfriend as well. With so many flavors to choose from, she selects the one she thinks her boyfriend will like.

She gives the ice-cream to her boyfriend. He takes it and starts eating. After making a face, he exclaims I don’t like ice cream with coconut or maraschino cherries.

A woman in love with her man knows that her man wants any form of strawberry, blueberry, or blackberry ice-cream. A man in love knows that her darling likes to wear cat’s eyes sunglasses instead of wayfarer or oversized sunglasses.


Get Jealous

The insecurities in a relationship become the foundation of jealousy. If a woman is insecure about the texture of her hair, she will get jealous when she sees her man staring at another woman with silky smooth hair.

If a man is insecure about his height, he will get jealous when he sees her gawking at a tall man.

Men and women in committed relationships find it hard to acknowledge that their partner could be interested in somebody else.

Since they are both faithful, the relationship they have with their partner is an exclusive one. The person getting jealous does not want to lose their dominance in this privileged relationship.

In simpler terms, they do not prefer to be replaced by somebody else because they still have feelings for their partner.


Share Personal Friends With Each Other

Jealousy aside, committed individuals enjoy meeting each other’s friends.

You have no personal grudges against any of your friends. You believe that you and your partner could enjoy a few good moments together.

If a person is hesitant or reluctant to introduce their friends to their lovers, they may have trust issues or insecurities about their relationship.

They may not trust their partner to remain dedicated to them after meeting their friends. Another justification is that the person does not believe that the alliance has reached a significance where they would consider introducing their close friends with their mate.

Don’t Make Promises They Can’t Keep

Following through on promises made by anyone of the individuals in a relationship can make that person reliable and trustworthy. An affinity is a promise of commitment.

As the relationship begins, both individuals are unsure of the other’s level of dedication and willingness to pursue the relationship. As the liaison develops over time, both individuals give their partner more intimacy.

With increased affections, the couple begins to expect each other’s commitment level to boost.

Neither would expect their partner to lie to them after they both have surrendered their personal and physical secrets to each other.

Society dictates that once a couple has shared an intimate romantic relationship, their level of commitment automatically advances.

The consequences of lying to each other after sharing a physical connection can have severe repercussions on the privileges shared by each other.


Share Their Favorite Venues

Lovers are not going to be together for the entire day. Men visit places without their female friend. The visit might be for business purposes, but the man might find that location an entertaining spot to visit with his female friend. Once both the partners are free, they can visit these locations.

Similarly, a woman might visit a nice restaurant which offers an exquisite cuisine of tasty food. The thought comes to her mind that she could share this culinary art with her boyfriend.

There are venues likes the seaside, parks, movie theaters, and ice cream parlors where couples can enjoy both the scenery and the refreshments.


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