How to tell if you are acting needy

So are you acting needy? Or are you just not having your need met?

It’s a decent question to ask yourself , and most of the time we jump to conclusion that it’s the former because we have been called “needy” , by the person we love or want.

It stings , and makes us start to question if we are high maintenance or just  dating a man who is emotionally unavailable.

There is a clear difference between the two and that’s why I wanted to do a video about it.  Just because someone has labeled you as needy doesn’t mean you are.

However there is also a way to communicate what you do need from them and the relationship without coming across as a woman who is insecure or asking too much.

So what’s this magic I speak of?

Watch the video to find out and hopefully clear up any confusion.

Are you acting Needy? How to tell if you are acting needy #askRenee 


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