Yoga Poses to Strengthen Intimacy and Trust with Your Partner

How will Yoga Strengthen Intimacy and Trust in your Relationship?

Roses and chocolate scream romance. However, when it comes to strengthening your relationship, these material gifts do not match a caramelized fragranced candle and some one-on-one time with your partner on the mat.

Based on a Yoga Journal, one of the most ideal ways of creating intimacy in your relationships is through forming and maintaining open lines of communication.

Partner yoga offers couples a chance to cultivate a sense of trust and hold space for intimate play and laughter.

Yoga Brings the Body and Mind Together

Several yoga enthusiasts define the mind-body connection as elusive, a link that people hope to forge with yoga poses.

A Harvard University article has even gone to show that yoga involves mental, spiritual, and physical exercises that elevate your mood, sharpen your mind, and cleanse your spirit.

With an hour of practice every day, you can invigorate your body, rejuvenate your mind, and help you cope with the fast-paced world’s stresses.

The rejuvenating practice also links your body with the mind, thus paving the way for moksha.

Yoga Promotes Sensitivity

Couples’ yoga is an ideal way of stimulating sensitivity between partners.

It helps them to get in touch with their body and mind. As they get to understand themselves better, they start to engage their thoughts and feelings intimately and in an honest manner.

Yoga also plays a major role in plugging gaps of lack of communication, improving any anomalies between partners while also promoting sensitivity.

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The Five Best Partner Yoga Poses

Couples’ yoga cements the bond in a relationship. Here is a set of soul-boosting yoga poses to try with your partner:

Seated Cat Cow/Marjaryasana/Bidalasana

The cat-cow position is two types of yoga poses that are combined together. It is conducive for stretching your core, back, and hip muscles.

Moreover, this position also helps expand your lungs and chest. Hence, instructors advise focusing on breathing while working in this position.

How to Do A Cat-Cow Pose

  • Sit comfortably and reach for your partner’s forearms
  • Hold firmly and move your shoulders down and back
  • When you inhale, ensure that you lift your chest to the ceiling and slightly form an arch in the upper-middle back
  • Once you do this, exhale and pull your chin into your chest, while you round through your upper middle back and open your shoulders apart.

Resume working on the yoga pose for a few more breathing cycles. As you stretch your back, do lift your face as you inhale and allow yourself to look towards your belly button as you breathe out.

Continue a few more rounds of this position – about 10 to 20 rounds. With practice, you will be able to develop faith in each other as you use each other’s support to find relief in your upper back.

Seated Forward Backbend/Matsyasana

Letting your partner in is the rawest way of showing your vulnerability. That is why the seated forward backbend pose is so powerful in tandem.

The position is intended to be an intense stretch for your back and legs, and it can be challenging if one partner is flexible than the other.

Therefore, make sure that you communicate and take it slow to avoid injuries.

How to Do a Matsyasana

  • Sit in a back-to-back position with your partner
  • Ask your companion to stretch their legs and start folding forward (if you have lower back issues or tight hamstrings, try to bend your knees slightly)
  • As your partner does the first position, you should bend your knees, place both feet flat on the floor and start leaning back onto the support of your partner

Ensure that you hold 5 to 6 deep breaths and switch your positions later.

You should also constantly check in your partner when doing this yoga pose.

On the basis of their opinion, apply more or less pressure as you release into each other’s support.

Downward Dog-Child Pose

These are the two most popular yoga poses. They are good to perform together as a couple since you help each other expand the stretch.

How to Do the Downward Dog-Child Pose

  •  Have one of you settle into a child’s pose, with your knees spread wide apart. Make sure your big toes touch, with your knees and hip wide apart, and arms shoulder-width apart.
  • As your partner tries to hold their pose, you can stand facing them and with both your hands, clasp each ankle
  • The partner who is standing can walk their feet back the other partner’s elbows lift off the ground, stretching the muscles between the arms and shoulders
  • Then, the standing partner should move forward at the hips and place their hands on the back of the other partner’s pelvis on the fleshy part. However, do not place your hands on the spine directly.
  • While standing, one partner may allow moving some weight into their hands and gently massage the flesh at the back of the pelvis

Make sure that you hold for 5 to 6 breaths as you communicate with each other to develop intimacy and trust.

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Twin Tree

John Donne said, ‘no man is an island and likewise, a tree thrives through support.

The twin tree pose is one of the most intimate partner yoga practices. It helps build trust and brings unity.

How to Do the Twin Tree Pose

  • Start by lifting one leg and press the sole of your foot into the thigh
  • After finding your balance, extend your hand to your companion’s and meet them with your palms touching in the center between your ‘tree postures”
  • Take your other hand and try reaching it behind your partner, giving them a passionate embrace

Remain in the position for five deep breaths before you switch sides.

Revolved Chair Pose

The yoga position is excellent for opening up your chest muscles.

When done with a partner, the yoga pose allows you to stretch the chest muscles much further as compared to doing it alone.

It is also one of the yoga poses that call for a higher sense of trust and faith from each partner since you have to stay connected as you move away from each other.

How to Do the Revolved Chair Pose

  • Stand facing your partner in an arm’s distance and legs wide apart
  • Grab your companion’s right arm with your arm then slowly bend your knees and lower down in the seated chair position
  • As you hold each other, open up your chest by stretching the opposite arm away from the center

Remain in the position for three to five cycles for a complete set.

The Bottom Line

Relationships blossom in happiness and an out-of-this-world connection when you put effort into them.

While you can get by without back-breaking yoga poses, partner yoga allows you to create a deeper connection while also supporting a healthy lifestyle.

So, grab your partner, rush to the yoga studio, and start forging a richer connection.

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