Is it ok if you boyfriend or husband goes to strip clubs?

Are strip clubs or or not ok for your relationship?

Is it ok if your boyfriend goes to strip club? Is it ok if your husband goes to strip clubs? Are strip clubs harmless to your relationship ?

In this day and age they seem to be the trendy thing to do if there is a bachelor party or a boys boozy night out. Are you overreacting if you get upset about it? Or are your feelings and fears justifiable?

Let’s talk about all of that!

This video was in response to an email form a today who wanted to know is it OK if her husband went to strip clubs? Here is my personal and professional opinion on what I think about strip clubs and how they can affect your relationship:

1) NO it is not ok because it is something that is completely unnecessary and unproductive to your relationship.

2) It is an environment that encourages emotional and mental cheating which could lead to physical down the track.

3) It is not respectful to you are your relationship because it involves toggling other naked women doing sexual actions.

4) Just because it is common or ” boys behaviour” doesn’t make it any more acceptable or right.

You need to voice how you feel and asset your standards of what you expect in your relationship. You do not have to put up with behaviour that is disrespectful . If he visits once ,because of a bunch of friends he was with or a bachelors party , explain rather than express why you are upset.

If he wants to visit regularly then you have a large underlying problem in your relationship and it needs to be addressed immediately. Whilst men may be desensitised to sexy women in strip clubs and still love their wives , it still is behaviour that doesn’t communicate love or respect.


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