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Ever wonder what love education actually means?

Renee Slansky was recently interviewed on an American authentic dating podcast Believe , Be Real , Be Bold and she was asked to pass on her gems of wisdom when it came to loved education .

As a world renowned dating coaching, Renee often gets asked what exactly does that mean and what are some of the biggest pieces of advice can she give to anyone wanting to make their love life easier?!

In this episode Renee discusses the importance of being your own rescue , learning the importance of self love and the power of logic in making the right choices when it comes to love.

Click to watch and listen right now:


Our biggest takeaways were…

8:20- You ARE the fairytale! Not the relationship, man, or woman in your life.

11:05 – You know how to be sustainable and survive without someone else.

14:45- If I’m doing what needs to happen in order to reach that goal, by logic, you’re going to get it.

28:00- When you establish your boundary, you give them a choice to step up or step out.


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Originally posted 2019-01-02 20:57:33.

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