Are your making these 4 online dating profile mistakes?

The way in which we find love has expanded over the years. It’s no longer just limited to our random encounters at the coffee store or gym. And we don’t have to rely on our friends to set us up on awkward blind dates.

Online dating and dating apps have made it easier for us to access the single fish in the ocean. So why then is it still hard to catch and keep someone, even when we are in the game?

Realise it or not, your dating profile is what is essentially the lure or shall we say playing card to attract the right type of dates. That’s why it needs a little more attention than just a few blasé sentences and a blurry picture.

Here are 4 common mistakes that you could be making, that are hindering you from getting ahead in the dating arena:

1: You aren’t taking this seriously and it shows in your profile

Your profile is what sets the first impression. So, if you can’t be bothered with filling it out or giving out as much detail about yourself, then sadly it will tell people you aren’t serious about dating.

It may not be convenient to go into depth, and perhaps writing isn’t really your thing. But relationships and dating will always take some level of commitment, and that starts at the beginning of wanting to commit to your decision to date.

If you joke around too much in your profile or leave out vital pieces of information, don’t be surprised if you attract the wrong type of people or not many suitors at all.

2: Your photos aren’t selling you

Not everyone takes a good photo, however you need to give possible dates an idea of what you really like.  This is what will essentially attract their attention in the first place. Your photo should contain only one person- you. Don’t make it a guessing game of who the actual profile is about!

Choose a picture that is flattering, candid, natural and has good lighting. Make sure your eyes and face aren’t covered and that you are smiling.  Your photos are not only an indication to how you look, but they are also a snap shot of your life, so choose extra photos that show you doing what you love or your hobbies.

People will be more inclined to approach you online, when you look approachable even through your photos. Steer clear of any that paint you in a negative light e.g. partying hard, overly sexual angles and poses etc.

 3: You haven’t given enough information

An empty profile will get empty responses. What you give is usually what you get. It’s difficult enough that you aren’t meeting your dates in real life yet, so don’t leave them guessing to who you are!

Internet dating is actually a great way to learn to build some type of relationship purely off communication alone before you have even met in person. However, in saying that, you need to give them something to work with.

If you want to save time and attract the right person, then you need to get specific about who you are and what you are looking for. A full detailed profile will help weed out the wrong ones and narrow down the playing field.

4: You aren’t being honest

The golden rule above all rules, is to always be honest. There is no point putting photos up of yourself when you were 10 years younger and 15 kgs lighter if that is not the reality now.  Honesty builds trust and trust is fundamental to a relationship right from the beginning.

Make sure your profile is a true representation of who you are presently. Even if you are not in your ideal situation or at your physical peak, the key is to show you are authentic and not lying to your dates.  At the end of the day, you want someone to love and accept you for who you are, so own it!

As seen originally on My Single Connections

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