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We’ve all been there , the endless tears , the constant frustration about not being able to say everything you wanted to say in that final moment. Break-ups never do seem to be simple and clean cut. Often we wish we could just have one more conversation or go back and say everything that was left unspoken.

This lack of closure can swallow up our joy and hinder us from moving on. But that’s where Letter To My Ex steps in.

Founded by Rachel Smith (0ne of the dating and relationship advisers over at E harmony  ,this site allows you to write a letter to your ex and get it all off your chest. Best part is you don’t necessarily have to send the (e) letter to him , but of course that is an option.

Whether you want to say that you are sooooo happy and have moved on or you want to tell him that you still miss him and wish things had been different, it’s entirely up to you!

It doesn’t cost you a cent and the best part is , is that your pain might also inspire others to heal as well.

Check out the video review to learn more !


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