How Your Mental Health Affects Your Sex Life

There might be instances where you see yourself becoming too moody because of reasons you can’t pinpoint, or your partner might complain of how you’ve lost the interest to do the “deed” in bed, and you just don’t know why – even you are clueless why these things are happening. Well, you might not think too much about it, but your mental and sexual health are actually connected in more ways than one. This could be the reason why you’ve been acting strange lately. If you still can’t see the connection between the two, let this article show you.


Let’s Talk About The Basics First


You might have heard about the terms mental and sexual health, but do you really know what they are and how important they are for your well-being?


  • Your mental health covers a lot of things. It includes your psychological, emotional and social well-being. Your mental health affects how you act, feel and think. If you have poor mental health, chances are, you might not be able to think straight and come up with logical decisions.


  • Your sexual health, on the other hand, is a term which can be very difficult to define. But according to the American Sexual Health Association, sexual health is your ability to enjoy your sexuality throughout your life. It’s about being able to experience sexual pleasures and satisfactions whenever desired. Some people might think that sexual health is never a factor to live happily (and even healthily), but they’re wrong. Your sex life plays a major role in your well-being.


So How Is Mental And Sexual Health Connected?


Since you’re now reading this part of the article, it’s safe to assume that you already know what is mental and sexual health. You now have an idea of how it functions and how both of these can significantly contribute to your overall wellbeing. But even if your mental and sexual health function in very different ways, the two are still connected. Here’s how:


  1. Sex can be a great stress reliever: Yes, you now have more reasons to go between the sheets with your partner – and for excellent reasons, too! Sex can be a perfect stress reliever.




  • In short, keeping an active sex life can be your easiest way of staying fit, warding off illnesses and boosting your overall wellness while erasing stress – and that’s a pretty good deal, right?


  1. Sex can improve sleep: If you don’t have enough sleep, you can’t expect that you’d be able to do well in school or at work. You’d end up feeling groggy and irritable instead.


  • So if you’re fidgety for an upcoming presentation the next morning, throw away those sleeping pills and opt to have sex with your partner instead. The latter is cheaper and can work wonders for your relationship!


  1. Depression can decrease your sex drive: When you’re depressed, your mind is clouded up with negative thoughts and things about “what ifs.” With all of this going on in your head, you couldn’t possibly have the motivation to perform well in bed.
  • Simple: Your depression can put a major damper on your libido. If you have been experiencing depression, it’ll feel like sex is the last thing that you would want to do as you still have a lot on your mind. This can take a toll on your relationship if untreated over time.


  • This should be reason enough for you to improve your mental health because it can reflect how often you want to make love with your partner.


As A Conclusion

If you fail to take care of your mental health, your sexual health might suffer in the long run or vice versa. Yes, these things might sound too easy, but if one of these is taken for granted, your life might be affected negatively. You should strive to ensure that both areas of your well-being are taken cared of consistently – just like how you strive to exercise to take care of your physical health. You should take the time to improve your mental and sexual health because these can significantly contribute to your behavior and mindset and can eventually make or break your decisions in life.

And while sexual health can bring a lot of positive effects to your well-being, you should also strive to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. This website can help you do that.


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