My Ex Blocked Me On Social Media – Should I Be Angry?

A breakup is never easy.

I would know. I think that every one of us have had our fair share of heartaches and heartbreaks. And it doesn’t get easier – no matter how much time passes, no matter how many breakups you experience.

In fact, it would even be safe to say that every breakup has its own unique kind of pain. Here is how to not make it worse.

For instance, there are bad breakups that take you years to recover from while there are also mutual decisions to separate which makes the whole situation a lot less bitter and painful.

Falling out of love, for example, is one reason that may prompt a mutual decision to go on separate ways. When it is agreed upon by both parties, a break-up isn’t as nasty or ugly as people might say it is.

It becomes a peaceful disconnection wherein two people still respect each other enough to do what’s best for the other. It is only when breakups are ugly that bad things ensue.

When Is A Breakup Considered Ugly, Anyway?

More often than not, bad breakup stories start where trust ends. Most of them will involve third parties or cheating, in other words.

When the relationship is cut short because of such vile and dishonourable reasons, the person who receives the short end of the stick tends to grow angry and bitter.

And I bet we can all relate to why that is so. After all, we don’t start relationships thinking that the other person will eventually cheat on us.

We start relationships because we believe we are loved. To be cheated on is a big betrayal and many of us just can’t take that kind of defilement gracefully. Of course, being a victim of infidelity, your bitterness is very much allowed.

Another case would be when the breakup is only the best interest of one person.

Like, when your girlfriend or boyfriend proposes that you go your separate ways and you are still obviously invested in the relationship.

If you’re on the receiving end of an abrupt breakup, it can be a little too much to take. You feel lost; you don’t where you went wrong.

You begin questioning yourself, your confidence, your value and worth as a person.

A third party may or may not be involved but when one person in the relationship decides to end things with the other without prior notice or without due reason why, the aftermath can get pretty ugly– scary even.

If you’re the one initiating the breakup, it doesn’t matter how much you try to appease the other person.

Convincing him that this is the best option will probably not work either. When people aren’t ready to let go completely, they tend to rebel and become difficult to deal with – this goes vice versa.

Whatever the case is, a breakup is never an easy thing to deal with. More often than not, it takes more than just a couple of beers to heal the pain.

Some pains simmer down after a few weeks; others persist for many years. If you think you’ve made the wrong decision, check how you can reclaim this ex of yours.

The worst part is when you’re the one who’s been dumped but your ex has the nerve to block you on social media. It’s like they’re telling you – in your face – to get out of their lives. That’s just devastating. And I’m pretty sure that this kind of thing can get you all riled up.

Should You Get Angry When Your Ex Blocks You On Social Media?

“I should be the one blocking him. I should’ve blocked him first.”

I get it. Even if you were dumped, you still have your pride. To have the other person cut all ties in social media with you first can be very infuriating.

But, take a look at it this way:

The one who runs away is always the loser. I mean, if you have got nothing to hide or if you have no reason to act bitter, then why wouldn’t you want to act civil with a former partner?

It just goes to show how affected you are with the whole split – even if you’re the one who suggested it in the first place.

Also, think of the whole blocking thing as a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes, we heal better when we’re away from the things that have caused us pain.

But blocking them first would make you look pretty petty, right? So just thank your lucky stars that you didn’t have to do it yourself. If they don’t want you in their life, then they certainly do not deserve a place in yours.

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