Ok let’s talk Tinder!


There’s a new flame (or rather icon) lighting up our phones and perhaps even our hearts and that’s the dating app called Tinder.

It’s a common word casually tossed around in conversation today (much like Facebook) we tend to ask people what they did on the weekend, did they want a coffee, who did they date on Tinder, you know general chit chat!

Whilst this small app has been around for a while now it seems to have caused quite a spark in the dating word and relationships.

Online dating it would seem has met its rival, but is it a good way to meet the man of your dreams or is it just another fast way to pick up? Time to be a girl and over analyse the pros and cons Tinder:


Well it does add a little excitement to our day and give us a reason to check our phone other than to update our Facebook status, tweet our opinions, Instagram our lunch and Pintrest our dream wedding ideas; we now get to chat to random guys based solely on their looks!

Whilst it’s not exactly the deepest app it does mimic real life, I mean how many times have we said yes to a guy we weren’t initially attracted too (let’s be honest here) ?! The good thing with Tinder is that you don’t actually get to chat to the person unless they mutually “like” you back (or unless they decide to stalk you on Facebook and direct message you!)

This helps avoid those awkward moments of telling them you don’t want to date … well actually it just delays that part, but you get the gist.  It’s quick, easy to use, portable and fun, you can chat to a few possible dates at once and even know a little bit about them through their profile, heck you can even see how far away they are from you #somepeoplewouldcallthisstalking.

I’ve heard a few success stories of girl friends finding true love from their Tinder date, so it’s worth a try but let’s just take off our rose coloured glasses whilst using it.


If you’re wanting to know every single detail about your future prospect then stick to online dating where their profiles actually have more detail then “Hi I like music sport and live by the beach”.

Tinder is but a casual, quick and somewhat shallow way to gauge whether or not someone is worth getting to know more, the first connection is totally based on whether or not you like their photo after all.  We mustn’t forget that photos can also be quite deceiving; they don’t necessarily show someone’s height or even represent what they look like now!

Once you’ve begun chatting to someone and there seems to be verbal chemistry you do run the risk of having absolutely no physical chemistry when you meet them in person (and yes I speak from experience). Why? Because chances are they look quite different from their photos or don’t have a presence that draws you to them.

So unfortunately now you have the awkward job of telling them you don’t want to date and of course they’ll ask just to be friends or say” oh but I thought we had something between us?” (Err no we didn’t)!!

Some will be persistent and that’s why it’s a good idea not to exchange numbers until you are sure you want to meet up with them again, instead just arrange a meeting point and time, chat via Tinder, because let’s face it you can block them on there and not have to deal with unwanted text messages.

Lastly don’t be surprised if the majority of men just want a bit of a booty call….sorry to ruin the fairytale ladies but we live in a fast society and it’s a quick easy way for men to pick up.

Happy dating!!!



  • MeAndDating says:

    If you’re after some casual whoopee, then great outlet. Its basis is the lust factor, plain and simple. If you’re looking for a real relationship, then much harder work because there is no filtering and you have to do it yourself. So if there are strict criteria in your mind for who you want to meet, then you spend a lot of time asking and answering the same questions. It’s hard work quickly if you’re a serious dater, but great fun if you just want to get laid. Remember Hank’s words: “No glovey, no lovee.”

  • Cris says:

    I absoluately love Tinder! It has made my life so much easier – 1 finger tap and I am a centre of attention with a ton of boys flocking to me. Isn’t it amazing?

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