Pairing : The dating app that uses mutual connections to find love

Now there is a new meaning to matchmaking…

With hundreds of dating apps our there , I get to see the good , the bad and the complicated .

So when I was approached by Pairing to take a look at their app , I was pleasantly surprised. On first glances I felt that it was a little corporate and definitely not your typical dating app with photos galore.

But on closer inspection and a chat with the developers , I realised that this app has huge potential to offer something that a lot of the others don’t !

Forget the swipe

The fact that this app is not encouraging users to just swipe through the numbers is refreshing. And the concept behind it being to match people through mutual connections and friends ,brings a new element of trust back into online dating.

Dating apps have become so saturated with users ( hundreds of millions in fact ) that now days we just seem to be slightly obsessed with making quick decisions about our future love life based off some filtered photos. It’s no wonder that people are being left disappointed and wanting more!

For Pairing they made sure that the photos weren’t the highlight , but that rather how or whom you connected with to that person and now getting offline and going on a date.

So how does it work?

The app works on making matches between people by using their mutual connections through phone numbers.  Think of it as a What’s App meets Dating App and then you will get the gist.

There are 3 ways you can be matched:

  1. Is through mutual circles – i.e.: the people in your world may be connected to your future love of your life and it helps you find that magic missing link
  2. Introduction – this is where you literally get introduced by a friend /s who are also on the app and it uses their mutual connections to find a match for you . Basically your friends play matchmaker.
  3. Geo Location – if all else fails you can turn your beacon on and find love with someone in your area.

The usual features

This app at the moment is free which is a great chance to try it out . It also has all the usual features such as messaging , a profile bio and of course a profile photo.

And it is available on both Android and IOS , which is good because if you are an Android user like me , I feel like we always miss out!


Social media is seperate

I really loved the idea that they aren’t connected to social media accounts as well , because I think it’s important to get to know your date outside of what they project on social media….because let’s face it , there is a little stalker in all of us!

Apparently the majority of us have been disappointed that our dates didn’t look like their Instagram photos , so this is a good way to get to know someone through real life rather than perceived Instagram life.

The downside

At the moment the app doesn’t really have a lot of users , because it is brand new. So that means you won’t have as many matches to choose from . The reason a lot of new apps have so many users is that they create fake accounts to make it look like they are already a big thing…which kinda doesn’t really work in anyones favour!

The verdict

This app still needs a little more fine tuning visually , and it needs to have enough users to make it work in it’s favour , but the foundations and concept are solid and I think that it is an app that will start attracting the more serious types that want a real relationship , not just a hook up.

The truth about my reviews

Now a side note about my reviews ; whilst I get paid to review apps , books products and more , no one can buy my opinion .

My heart is to make sure I guide each and every one of you in the best way possible to set yourself up for a healthy , loving relationship. I think dating apps when used the right way are a great tool to meet possible matches .

I said yes to Pairing because they are an app that have a concept that is fresh and encourages transparency , safety and authenticity in dating .

If you have a specific app that you want me to review then leave a comment down below!


Renee x

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  • Murea says:

    Tinder is not so the best for me. Real. They have a lot of errors on the app. Some times I used the spdate (read the review on this website). Spdate is one of the good alternatives of Tinder

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