How to put the 5 Love Languages into action

Have you ever planned an extravagant evening with your significant other, only to find out they would’ve preferred a cuddle session on the couch? Or buy your child a new piece of art only to observe they would have preferred to have their own art displayed on the fridge?

Doing something kind for someone you care about can be meaningful, but sometimes it’s hard to realize that the way you say “I love you” might differ with what a significant other or child had in mind.

That’s why FTD has put together a guide to the five love languages and 25+ love language ideas you can use on yourself, a significant other or child. For the words of affirmation love language, try leaving romantic sticky notes around the home or giving your child a necklace engraved with “I love you” on the back” to show how much you care. For more inspiring ideas based on you or a loved ones love language, check out the ideas below.












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