Q: How do you know if you are really in love?


Q: How do you know if you are real in love?

A:  For some people its quite obvious whilst for others they are either infatuated or have no idea what love looks like. Here’s a few points to gauge off if you are really inlove :

  • You’ve past the infatuation stage( which can last up to 2 years) and still feel the same way if not even stronger about them
  • You know your partner in detail, you could write a bio on them, everything from their good points and bad, to their little habits, goals, favourite colour and foods etc
  • You care about their needs and how you can meet them instead of just focusing on what you want from the relationship.
  • They are the first and last thing on you mind from the start of the day till the end ( and all the in between part too!) You aren’t tempted or even attracted to anyone else.
  • You trust them and are secure in your relationship , you are not jealous because you know them and their character well.
  • You dream about the potential of your future with them, but you do not lose focus on your own life , goals and dreams, you are still a whole person, they just add to your happiness.
  • You can get through a problem and solve it in a healthy way and still feel the same. You can forgive and move on from the issue
  • You are able to spend time apart and be happy in yourself. You don’t need to be with them 24/7 .
  • It’s not just about the physical attraction, you see beyond their looks and the sexual attraction, whom they are, their personality captivates you.
  • You are affectionate and intimate in a loving way not a sexual way all the time
  • You have been together for awhile , gone through seasons and trials and lasted and still feel the same if not even more inlove

You understand the importance of delayed gratification, patience and practicality. Rushing into marriage isn’t an option; you would rather wait till it was right because you are sure of what you both have.

Have you passed these test? If so then you must be crazy in love. The important thing to remember though is that love is not just a feeling it is a whole lot of positive action orientated words, and loving someone is about applying those actions daily even when you don’t feel like you love them.

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