Q: He won’t let me look at his phone, should I be worried? #askRenee

Should you be worried?

A :Hmm this is an interesting question that really comes down to the amount of trust you have in your relationship. If your man doesn’t want you to see certain things in his life it may be because he is hiding something.

Before you start to jump to conclusions, it’s best to try and have a calm conversation with him first to work out why he doesn’t want you to view his phone. Here are a few tips to handle the situation:

  • Make sure you have all the facts first before you start accusing him of hiding something/ cheating etc.
  • Ask him why he feels the need to hide his phone and let him know that you trust him as you hope he trusts you.
  • The trick is not to get him on the defensive but rather allow him to see your point of view of how such actions may look.

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At the end of the day successful relationships are built of mutual trust and transparency with one another and if your man is making a big deal about not allowing you into certain parts of his life (especially when you have tried to discuss it in a calm and objective way) then you may need to investigate a little more.



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