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I have amazing news that will completely change your love life before this year is over.

The old way of dating is done.

(Thank goodness, am I right?!)

  • Spending hours on dating apps only to feel discouraged about your options

  • Getting excited about a guy who ends up ghosting you

  • Attracting unavailable men who don’t commit

  • Feeling like you have to play hard to get and not look too interested

There’s a better way.

If you fear you’ll have to settle for a nice guy with no spark or wonder if lasting love is possible without insecurity pushing him away, you’ll be relieved to know you really can have everything you want in love…and uncovering the hidden reasons why it hasn’t happened yet is the first step.

With the changes in our world around how we socialize, comes an opportunity for deep connection with conscious, quality men, an attraction based on true compatibility, and feeling deliciously desired as your authentic self.

I know, because women everywhere are creating incredible relationships during this time, and you can be too.

Imagine ringing in the new year with the man you’re meant to be with. Someone who loves cherishes and adores all of you.

Would you like to know how this is possible, in a time when meeting men looks so different?

The essentials of what makes a woman irresistible to high-quality men are only becoming more important these days (and they’re not the things found in all the generic dating rules).


Learning how to date in our new normal will require courage.

It means swapping insecurity for feminine magnetism.

Overthinking is replaced with effortless self-expression that brings men closer.

And your vision for love easily becomes a reality – even if you’ve lost hope that it can happen for you, in the way you desire it.

This new way of attracting lasting love is available to you right now.

That’s why I’m so excited to share something that will jumpstart your love life in a fun and effective way (with things you likely haven’t tried before).

I’ve joined forces with Madeline Charles, and 21 other dating and relationship experts, for The Irresistible Woman, a FREE Podcast-Stye Online Series and Gift Giveaway

We’re sharing our top tools and strategies for women eager to attract a high-quality man, without wasting any more time on apps, painful dates that go nowhere, or anxiety pushing him away.

Each expert training session comes with a free gift, so that’s over 21 free gifts! Each one is designed to support you in shifting your love life right away, so you can have an immediate breakthrough that lasts.

These 30-minute podcast-style sessions fit perfectly into your on-the-go lifestyle, whether you’re walking, driving, or cooking. Each one is co-led (with Madeline Charles) by world-renowned speakers, coaches, authors, and teachers (including me).

This is for you if you are a single woman who:

  • Desires a conscious partnership with a high-quality man in the new year, without wasting hours swiping on apps

  • Wants to uncover the hidden reasons you may be unknowingly repelling great guys

  • Is ready for more confidence in dating, so magnetizing the right man feels easy

During The Irresistible Woman Podcast-Style Online Series and Gift Giveaway, you’ll learn fresh new approaches to calling in the right man, without confusing dating rules that leave you second-guessing your every move. And you’ll be joining thousands of other women around the world on the same path to love.

What if a few 30-minute podcast-style sessions, perfect to play while you’re driving, going for a walk, or cooking, was the difference between you spending another year searching for love, or finally having that special person in your life?

You have nothing to lose (this entire online event is completely free!), and the love of your life to gain.

See you inside the event!

Love Renee and The Dating Directory Team

PS: I know you may be wondering when the right man will finally come into your life. We’ve cut through all the dating advice you DON’T need, in order to share unique insights that have the power to attract lasting love, without games and tactics, and even if you think there’s no good guys left. Join me and thousands of other women here >>> The Irresistible Woman Podcast-Style Online Series and Gift Giveaway. 

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