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You’ve got to love the French, not only have they given us great wine, cheese and fashion, but now they have invented a dating app that allows us a second chance at love.  If you haven’t heard about the latest dating app to sweep the single world, then you must be either living under a rock or still licking your wounds after being burnt by Tinder.

Ladies meet happn. As a dating and relationship blogger I come across heaps of different online sites, services and apps that all promise us the chance of finding love.  Which is all very lovely and fluffy when we first start using them, then after a while it just seems like unachievable goal. However, before you decide on a life of spinsterhood and cats, let me tell you a little more about happn:

What: Dating app you can download from the Playstore onto your phone or tablet.

How does it work: happn works by connecting you with people within a 250 radius around you that are also looking for love. Quite simply you could literally be crossing paths with your next potential date and happn gives you the opportunity to meet them. This is of course if your hot crush is also using the app. If you want to check out a quick rundown, then watch my video here.

Is it easy to use?  Super easy to use, and if you get stuck at any point then simply watch the tutorial on the website or read the magical FAQ guide to answer any of your questions. This is an app that walks you through the process and makes you feel like you don’t have to be a cool kid or a technical wiz to work out how to use it. They even give you a little welcome message explaining the basics when you join up!

 Can I get it on my computer as well?  The thing is it’s called an app for a reason, and that’s because it’s designed for your phone or tablet. There is a formal website on which you can download the app, however it doesn’t transform it into an online dating website.

Quality vs Quantity?  The great point about this dating app is that it works with the amount of people in a vicinity around you. So if you are constantly travelling or moving about then chances are there are going to be more people you have crossed paths with.  Obviously if you live in a little town in the middle of nowhere then you most likely will be stuck with limited choices (which can be totally awkward). However, we all know that too many fish in the sea can make choosing the right one even more confusing!  The app does require you to spend some dollars as well, which means it will attract the more serious type. But you can use it for free as well.

Cool features:   Ok where do I start?! This app is pretty awesome in general, simply because it allows you to create opportunities of finding love with people who are actually looking for love right in the same place as you (well within 250m). It uses real time and even lets you see the location on a Google Map of where you have crossed paths. Some may call it stalking, I call it being geographically aware of potential dates! Another plus is the that they have removed the whole awkwardness of turning someone down that you don’t want to talk to. How?  Easy, the liking has to be mutual for a conversation to start. #win. Oh and if you start to chat with someone and then work out the real crazy reason why they are single you can always BLOCK them. #doublewin

You can also link your social media and Spotify accounts , which I guess is a good way to get to know a person even more.

Things that could be better:  To be honest there isn’t a lot that I would improve on this app, it is quite easy, fun, practical and clever. Not to mention it also looks good and comes in several different languages. I guess in a perfect world it would be free, but then again when people are willing to invest financially in talking to someone, then clearly they are wanting a bit more of a serious thing.  Oh but you do need a Facebook account to be able to use it, which always annoys me a little bit. One, because it seems like a little bit of a breach on your privacy and secondly, what about all the people who boycott Facebook?! Does that mean they lose out on love as well? Apparently so with Happn…

 Does it cost: There is a small price to pay for making love happen with Happn. However, rest assured you won’t have to get a second job to be able to fund your love life. To be able to chat with someone you need to send them a ‘charm’ and a book of 10 charms cost $2.99 AUD . Of course the more you buy the cheaper it gets ( and you do get 10 free in the beginning).  So in coffee currency terms ,2 coffees can get you 20 chances at love…and that’s a pretty sweet deal.

The Verdict:  Overall I give it: 4.5 STARS


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