Is Routine Ruining Your Relationship ?



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Life can get pretty busy at times, especially if you are working full time, managing children and trying to have a social life in between.

Having some routine is important as it helps keep everything functioning properly, builds consistency and also gives us a little peace of mind.

However when our schedules start to take priority over our love life it can be incredibly detrimental to our relationship and often we won’t even know it has happened until it has taken its toll.

Here are several issues that occur when you allow repetitive habits to navigate your relationship:

You lose spontaneity:

everything becomes predictable when routine takes over, and this means we lose the element of surprise and joy. Try to organise something out of the ordinary once a week, whether it’s a date night or a new activity together.

Life has become stagnate:

When your relationship becomes stagnate you hinder growth and progress. Keep it fresh by setting new goals and challenges weekly.

Complacency has set in:

The danger of complacency is that we begin to have an “I-don’t-care” attitude, which allows for all sort of issues to start seeping in. Make sure you are both still conscious of your thoughts, words and actions so that you can work on building new life into your relationship.

Temptation increases:

When routine takes over we tend to feel less satisfied emotionally and physically and this could eventually make us want to crave those unfulfilled desires from someone else.

Intimacy gets lost:

When our relationship is too controlled and predictable we usually tend to lose intimacy not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Keep your connection strong by making the effort to be affectionate and spend quality time together.

Communication breaks down:

If you are both turning into robots (not literally!) then chances are your communication has started to become more shallow and infrequent.

Take the time to have real, in depth one on one talks with another whereby you discuss your feelings, emotions, expectations and needs.

Frustration turns into conflict:

Too much routine in your life and relationship will essentially lead to a lot of lack, which in turn makes us frustrated, restless and angry.

Get rid of the tension by mixing things up, talking more and creating fun and different activities in your life which creates new memories and causes you to grow more intimate with one another.

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