Seven ways Brexit has influenced dating in the UK

Has Brexit changed dating?

Just imagine you are on a date and everything goes as planned.

The conversation is nice, you like each other, the food is good, drinks go down smoothly, you can feel the chemistry between you two and the night is still young and promising.

Then one of you mentions Brexit and your promising night turns into a big discussion.


Yes, Brexit is influencing dating in the UK, a recent study confirms. This is seven ways how:


  1. Texting about Brexit in dating apps conversations

You exchange jokes and casual flirting in first messages on dating apps with your potential date, and the conversation goes much deeper and Brexit comes up as a topic of conversation. More than 60% of active dating app users said they have had at least one private conversation about Brexit with their potential date on dating platforms.


  1. Being refused because of your opinion about Brexit

Although you seem to not be so bothered by Brexit when it comes to your dating activities, there are those who claim they would never date a Leaver or a Remainer for one or another reason. Datingroo research shows that 55% of survey respondents said they have been refused by someone whose beliefs on Brexit were different than theirs.


  1. Writing opinions about Brexit in dating profile descriptions

The result of scanning approximately one million randomly selected members from the EliteSingles dating site in the UK shows a clear increase in the number of profiles containing the word “Brexit” between January 2016 and August 2019. This could actually be a very good strategy for those who want to discourage their Brexit opponents from approaching them.


  1.  Receiving more messages if you write Brexit opinions in dating app profile

Brexit mentions on dating apps apparently became a sexy thing. Dating website eHarmony found that women who mention Brexit in their dating profiles receive 86% more messages. The same study shows that men who mentioned Brexit in their profile received 90% more messages than those who didn’t.

  1. Relationship breakups caused by Brexit – new dating possibilities for singles

Recently, many people are claiming that Brexit is one of the biggest factors in breaking up with their partner. Thanks to that, there are more singles in the dating market. This raises the chances for those who are actively navigating the dating world to find their perfect match.


  1. Political opinion is over other qualities in dating decisions

Relationship experts and psychologists are having a lot of clients who are having a hard time over the dilemmas that come from dating their Brexit opponent. Zoe Coetzee, a relationship psychologist, agrees that the decision of who to date should be made based on personality, attractiveness, kindness, a sense of humour, and other life values, and not exclusively on political opinion about Brexit.

  1. Remainers and Leavers don’t like each other, but they like to date each other

The saying goes that in love, opposites attract. More than 1000 surveyed confirmed they already have dated someone whose beliefs on Brexit were different than their own (58%). Interesting is that almost 60% still would consider dating someone who they know has a different opinion on Brexit than their own.

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  • samanthaW says:

    On this day when the UK finally leaves the EU there can only be a feeling of sadness, after all it kind of leaves the UK with no real locale alliances should the shit hit the fan in Europe and the borders will be closed to people coming in and the exchange of peoples is something that can make a country greater, as Australia well knows. But the whole Brexit saga has been a real pain if we are all honest, in the dating world it has created more conflict than need be and even pushed Britions into a totally insular way of thinking, there are more and more dating profile pics with the Union Jack in them which is really off putting honestly, the impact on the dating world with Brexit has lead to more and more division and it is a shame that such a great country become such a cheap B version of todays USA. Let us hope that we can all back to just dating and trying to find that soulmate without all the bloody politics.

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