Sick of swiping? Want to master love in just 60 days?

Dating isn’t meant to be that hard!

And love isn’t meant to be a hit and miss game full of disappointment and unmet promises. Truth is the majority of us are struggling hard with learning the ropes of love and relationships. We assume that jumping on another app will magically make all our self sabotaging habits disappear . Or that swiping from one guy to the next is going to help us set a standard or recognise the right man for us.

If someone had given me the secret to successful relationships years ago , I know that I would have been happier sooner , and in a fulfilling relationship faster .

It’s why I built my 8 week online course Ready For Romance. This isn’t just a quick fix how to date lesson , this is a revolutionary digital programme that helps take you from single and struggling to happy and attracting a committed relationship.



Right now March intakes are open  and I am taking only 30 globally!  This is an achievable and practical heart centred course where you get to work with me to make finding love a reality , not just a broken dream.

You are going to learn the following :

  • Master Self-Love – Learn how to conquer those self-sabotaging habits and set a strong foundation of self-love that reflects your true value.
  • Decode Men and Relationships- Unlock the male mind and learn how to always be one step ahead of him and how to set healthy relationship standards.
  • Learn To Date With Confidence and Effectively-  Boost your confidence daily and learn how to get back out their and trust yourself and men once again.
  • Learn How To Keep Your Relationship Thriving – Get beyond the honeymoon period and learn how to go the distance so that your relationship becomes stronger over time.
  • What To Say And Do To Get Him To Chase You-  Know the exact 3 steps you need to master in order to get him to commit. What to say each time to hook him and have him continually pursuing you!
  • How To Be Free From The Past And Retrain Your Brain-  This is about releasing your past baggage and pains and moving forward into a new mindset to manifest the love you want. Say goodbye to toxic thoughts and habits.
  • How To Flirt And Read Body Language- Learn the art of seducing a man and become confident in reading his reaction!
  • How To Attract , Find and Identify The Right Guy For You– Learn how to identify who the right man is worth investing into before you give him your heart. Let’s minimise dating casualties! Know the red flags , white flags and those in-between flags!

Applications close soon so to find out more simply click below and schedule in your call


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