The 6 Questions to Ask on A First Date


It’s Thursday, and that means you have only a few more days till your weekend date.

You have your outfit planned, you’ve checked the weather and already prepped your friends, but the nerves are starting to kick in.

First dates are always a little daunting especially when it has been some time since you’ve been on one, so how exactly is it meant to play out?

Are there a set of unspoken rules that we are meant to know about? I mean sure we all have a set of standards and can usually handle ourselves and any surprises along the way , but what about those awkward silences?

How do we actually get to the bottom of knowing whether or not it is all worth the effort? Sure dating is fun, but it can also be exhausting because at the end of the day we really would rather waste less time, emotions and money trying to find someone compatible.

So how can we start to narrow it down from date one?

Apart from the obvious signs like chemistry, ease of conversation and general feeling about the person, there are 7 questions which will help you understand their character and intentions a whole lot more.

1: Where did you grow up?

Finding out about their roots is a great way to gain an insight into their values, morals, expectations and character.

Someone that grew up in a small town compared to another person that might have been raised by the ocean or the big city, will usually have a different way to think and live.

Try not to generalise or stereotype though, because people do change over time, rather just use this information as a guide.

2: What do you do for fun?

What gives this guy a smile on his face?  Ask him what he loves to do for fun and his answer will help you discern his interests and passions.

Compatibly in a relationship is so important, you want to be able to enjoy doing the same thing together as it creates unison and makes things a whole lot easier. Getting to know about his idea of fun will also help you understand if you are well-suited.

3: What do you do for work and do you enjoy it?

This gives you a clue as to what his goals and ambitions are and the type of environment he in in daily.

Whether he is in finance, a zoo keeper or a musician, it will help you understand what direction he wants to head in and what his purpose is in life.

4: Do you see your family often?

Men who have good family relationships often know how to give and receive love better.

Watch his body language and listen to his tone of voice when he talks about his family, as it will give you an insight to how he feels about them.

Are his parent’s still together? Does he have a good father or mother?

These are all key questions which reveal certain traits about people, because they are integral situations in their life that have in some way affected them.

5: What’s your ideal woman?

He may think this is a trick question, so keep you tone conversational, you don’t want to give the impression that you are drilling him for answers and trying to work out if you fit the bill!

Don’t use this question as a means to judge yourself, but rather to just get an idea of the sort of person he is, what he values and what he is attracted to.

At the end of the day, even if you are his type of woman, it doesn’t mean he will be your type of man, so use his answers to just understand his character a bit more.

6: If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take 1 person and 3 things, who would you take and what would you take?!

So clearly this is not a serious question, but rather something to surprise him with and add a little bit of light heartedness to the date!

However his answers will also help indicate his personality type, priorities and ability to have fun and use his imagination.

There are of course so many more questions you can and need to ask a man on a date, but don’t go in with a list that HAS to be filled in, but rather learn to go with the flow and let one question inspire the other.

The most important thing of course is to be an attentive listener, not only does it show good manners but also that you are genuinely interested in him and what he has to say.


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