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What does it mean to be really happy?

Ask anybody that question and they will each give you a unique answer. However, the road blocks that can stop joy usually remain consistent.

But life was not meant to be just a boring and dull existence.

You were created to live and thrive and by beating these seven fears you will be well on your way to living a happier life:

1. Fear of ending up alone

A big fear comes from living and leaving this life alone, mainly because we were not created to do so. As human beings we crave company, attention and love and sometimes even the best of friendships can’t fill that gap when we long for a significant other.

When we let this fear overcome us, we begin to believe that settling for second-best company is better than no company at all.

The key here is learning to be happy alone — not because we are destined to be so but because no one else should ever ‘complete’ us.

2. Fear of never being enough

It’s not easy to feel like who you are is enough when you are constantly comparing yourself to the airbrushed or filtered images on Instagram, in magazines or on TV.

By learning to focus on your own journey and talents you are effectively giving yourself permission to just be you.

3. Fear of missing out

It’s great to have a sense of urgency in life as it drives us to try harder and achieve bigger, but what happens when it turns into an anxiety?

We are often told to leave the past in the past, but we must also learn to not live in the future; what you have is here and now, so learn to enjoy today and stop letting your joy be circumstantial.

4. Fear of failure

It’s amazing how much pressure we or other people can put on ourselves even for the little things. Life is not a test you can pass or fail, it’s a journey that you figure out along the way, so stop beating yourself up and learn to ride the waves.

5. Fear of commitment and change

Commitment can represent a big risk, a change, or pressure to perform a certain way. However it can also signify a union, a new chapter of growth and chance to build something special — so which way will you look at it?

Your attitude is what will affect your perspective, so make sure you keep it in check.

6. Fear of repeating past mistakes

Our past can hold a very real power over us if we let it, but if we choose not to be defined by what we have done and instead focus on what we can now do, we can change our present mindset and build a brighter future. You have the choice daily to make better decisions and to let go of what regretful ones you made long ago.

7. Fear of rejection

Being vulnerable also leaves you open for possible rejection, but by choosing to guard your heart wisely and deciding who you let in, you effectively decrease the risk of being hurt.

Take your time to get to know someone’s character first and be open to trusting the unknown.


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