The Best Tribute For Your Loved One At The Funeral

When you are lost for words…

Some poets have taught how important it is to render a special tribute to the loved ones. The elegy, that was written by Ben Johnson for his son, P.B.Shelley for Keats and by John Milton for the memory of Edward King, has gained importance to date.

The way the poets drafted their feelings for their loved ones is a thing to be appreciated, today and forever.

Yes, you may not be the next Shelley or Johnson and write an elegy for the departed soul, but you can be just YOU, and make own ways to tribute your loved ones or if needed you can take help from funeral directors in Perth.

Do you know the reason why we give tribute?

 Organizing a funeral without tribute is just like planning the ritual out of formality. A eulogy is given to recall and cherish all the movements we had spent with the cherished soul. Everybody present at the funeral is welcomed to share their feelings, which creates the atmosphere of the funeral special and overwhelming.

Now, have a look at the type of tributes that can form a part of the funeral ceremony:

Perform the hobby

Your dear one would be fond of some activity. Arrange that activity to present a tribute to the departed soul. The exercise can be anything, from listening to music to painting, arrange the kind of favourite activities that enticed the departed soul.

Cook the favourite delight

Get the favourite meal of your loved one to be cooked and let everybody come to know about it at the ceremony. This way the people will reminisce the departed soul each time they consume the particular delight.

The last wish

At times individuals speak about their last wish. They may want to fulfil that wish during their existence or post-death. Take a note of it and try achieving their dream at the funeral.


Make a collage video

Try collecting all the pictures of the special moments you spent with the defunct person and make a step by step life video. It will recall the special moments with the departed soul, and you will both cherish and miss those moments at the same time.

The token tree

Plant trees if your closed one loved gardening. You can also gift a sapling to everyone at the funeral to plant it into their garden, as a souvenir that they can remember for years.

Play their favourite music

Playing the favourite songs of the withdrawn soul is yet another tribute you can give at their funeral. So, make a list of favourite songs and play them at the funeral.

Donate the needy

An act of donation is something that you can do to seek blessings for the soul, that is as well as an act of goodness. People seldom donate money to the underprivileged or give clothes to the needy in the name of the perished soul.

Words of remembrance

You can welcome all the guests to share the type of bonding they possessed with the late person. The family members or a close friend could narrate the journey of the person and tell its achievements and failures, and how he/she fought with it and succeeded.

Gifting souvenirs

You can arrange for keepsakes that you can handover to everyone present at the ceremony as a remembrance of your loved ones. These souvenirs can help build a memorial of a departed soul.

A theme of choice

What type of atmosphere was your loved one choice? Recognize it and create the same tune at the funeral. Such as creating a natural theme if the person loved nature, or get it flowered if the person had a zest for flowers.

Get that Shakespeare out of you

You can make a poem or write a few words in honour of the deceased person. You can frame words to give a beautiful picturization of the person’s life.

A goodbye message

So, if death has occurred at your place, or you are soon expecting death in your family, or even if you are planning your own cremation, find funeral homes in Perthand book when you deem fit.

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