The First Meeting ( something a little bit different for my readers!)

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Well today I thought I would do a different type of post and instead retell the way I met my man in a romance- novel- Mills -and- Boon style ! Not quite 50 shades ( which is probably a good thing since it was the first time we met!) but hopefully it’ll get your imagination flowing and your heart racing because every woman needs a little ..or a lot ..of romance in her life daily !  Who says you can’t live in your own romance story ?! Enjoy 🙂

The First Meeting

Her back was turned when he walked into the room, but she felt him brush past and make his way to the director, glancing up from her coffee she stole a look in his direction and her breath caught in her throat. He was taller than she had expected, his broad shoulders filled out the suit to perfection and as he walked into position, Anna’s eye’s followed his every movement. Hearing her name she stood up and moved towards them, pasting a smile upon her lips Anna tried to compose herself and focus on the job at hand.  The director gave them his commands: step in, hold hands and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes; it was simple enough and as Anna turned to introduce herself formally to her colleague, she felt the ground shift beneath her feet. He was beautiful, masculine to the core yet his dark features were offset by his incredible blue eyes that shone with warmth and crinkled at the corners when he smiled. His face spread into a wide grin, revealing perfect teeth set in a generous mouth and strong chiselled jaw. “I’m Hunter”, he was French and his accent washed seductively over her making it nearly impossible to concentrate. “Anna” she sounded calmer than she felt, and returning his smile she felt something inside her twist.

On the command they stepped in and their hands met in the centre of their bodies, his gaze found hers and from that moment she came undone. His piercing pale blue eyes were framed with dark lashes and they held her captive, she had never seen such beautiful eyes and Anna lost herself in them beneath his penetrating stare. He didn’t flinch, didn’t break the contact and as if prisoner to an unspoken chemistry that started to build between them, she matched his stare, hypnotised and fascinated at the same time.  A small smile crept upon his lips, starting at the corner of his sensual mouth and he raised one eyebrow as if to acknowledge this strange and unexpected moment between them. Anna blushed and smiled back, her pulse quickened and her breathe had grown short, but not for a second did they glance away from each other.

“And cut!” The directors words washed over her like cold water, Anna snatched her hands from his as if she had been burnt and looked away . She had to focus on the job, she was a professional and wasn’t about to let this man get under her skin. But the action was to be repeated again and again, and each time he held her gaze, each time she felt more drawn to him then the last.

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