The forgotten definition of casual dating

The word casual can be confusing when it comes to the term casual dating.

From sexual encounters to Mr. Right now, some people tend to bend or twist the definition of what casual dating is in order to meet a specific need at any given time.

Casual dating can be a healthy social activity for singles to interact with other people.

Shaking up your dating routine just a tad wouldn’t hurt. Just like changing workout machines at the gym, you can switch up the type that you would normally date. If your type is the bad boy with a kind heart, switch to the quiet movie enthusiast.

If people can be eclectic in their taste in music, why can’t the same thing apply to their taste in prospective dating candidates?

By doing this, you can adapt to your environment of dating by not settling for one type of guy. Not settling doesn’t mean sacrificing your standards. In the midst of change, be bold, and make the first move.

Ir, that doesn’t take away from the hunt. Don’t forget that dating doesn’t mean dating one person, it means being single and dating multiple people.

It is not mandatory to date one person at-a-time. There isn’t any harm as long as you are being honest.

Carlos Cavallo from suggests;

Casual does not mean a guarantee free range of sex encounters with every person you’re dating. If that is your angle, make it honest sex. Yes, protective sex is highly recommended regardless of the number of partners.

Knowing your emotional stance with sex is equally important.

If you can have casual sex with absolutely no strings attached, enjoy. If you can’t separate physical chemistry and emotional connection then it is best to wait until things become more serious with you and your casual prospect.

While you are honest about whether to have sex or not, remember to communicate that same honest outside the bedroom to your date.

If you are dating more than one person, let it be known that you are not looking for a commitment.

Don’t stress about running off the right one by saying you aren’t ready to be serious.

Avoid giving time limits or giving in to ultimatums. The right one will stick around while the wrong one spared you more time wasted.

When getting to know someone, don’t exchange stories of previous or future dates. Distractions are everywhere. From physical appearances to scenery, keeping the focus on the date can be challenging.

Avoiding talking about other dates will limit if not prevent jealousy or insecurities popping up causing a more comfortable dating environment.


A big city can seem small when it comes to acquaintances. Sometimes things don’t work out and you happen to cross your casual-ex sitting in a coffee shop. Go over and say hello, hold no grudges, and say goodbye.

There is no such thing as planning the perfect timing when it comes to casual dating. You can’t work on your future if you are too busy dwelling on the past. You lose sight of your goal.

Achievements are goals worth working towards. In the midst of trying to figure out who is the right one, some forget the main rule. The common-sense rule to causal dating is to just date.

In order to date, you have to leave your comfort zone.

No more lounging in on Friday and Saturday date nights.

Date night can be in the middle of the workweek. Long-distance relationships can succeed but face-time and dating apps can only do so much.

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