The online dating site where you can set up your friend!

There’s a little bit of fairy Godmother in all of us…

We all have singles friends that we want to see in a happy relationship. Watching them struggle to find the perfect date or worse, hide their fabulous self away from the world , is pretty frustrating .

Some people need a little nudge , and writing a profile about yourself if you are single is usually something most of us cringe at the idea of.

Enter Date My Friend . This is a brand new dating site that I stumbled upon recently that I had to share with the rest of Australia.

Essentially this dating site is all about nominating your single buddies  or your self and having your friends or their friends (you!) write their profile description.

Here’s how it works:

Whether you are single or your friends are single you can be nominated or nominate them to join the site. The cool part is , is that your gal pals or you can write the profile of the person they are nominating .

This takes away the pressure of feeling what you write might be too cheesy , too short or too much. Let’s face it , trying to sell ourselves to random strangers makes the majority of us feel uncomfortable….but that’s what friends are for!

All you need to do is register online , get your friend to describe you and then start dating. Or add a friend, write their profile and get them set up like the matchmaking queen that you are!

It’s that simple and a pretty unique take on dating sites if you ask me .

The Pro’s

It’s a fresh approach to online dating and with having your friend write your profile , or you write theirs it takes the pressure of yourself or them to feel you have to self sell.

Date My Friend is also the first online dating platform in Australia to have a unique security system which allows you to text, call or send picture messages to your potential suitors without actually giving out your number.

The way they do this is through an integrated app that sends you a unique phone number to contact your date through.

This means that you can keep your real number a secret until you get to know them, and if it doesn’t work out , then you don’t have to delete your profile to hide away from them and re appear under a pseudonym!( we’ve all done it!)

They also screen each profile manually , to make sure that you aren’t falling for “Carlos” from Spain who is promising you love but is really Bob who lives in a box who wants your credit card details #noBobno

The Con’s

Hmm to be honest there aren’t really many con’s . A friend can nominate you and you might not be happy about it , or they could write something you aren’t too keen on , but that’s what editing is for… and maybe new friends.

They are still fairly new so are getting more members , but at least we know the ones currently active are real people , with genuine friends.

The Cost?

Currently it’s free , however later they will be introducing a subscription model which is a pretty standard sort of price of $12.95/ week  or $29.95 per month.

However if you are over 60 you get a discount! Which takes the monthly cost down to only $24.95

The Verdict

I think this site is cool , because it gets your friends to describe you and really shows your potential matches that you are a real human being and a likeable person.

It’s also a gentle and kind way to set up a friend whilst they can still be in control of who they choose.

I also love that they screen every profile and actually care about their members so 10 points for that!



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