The Word Dating Entered The American Language During The Roaring Twenties

Would you believe that starting around the time of the Civil War, courtship became a private matter for couples?

The twentieth century is considered as a fast-paced century. Human beings now reach adulthood much sooner than older generations. With these changes, the term dating has changed significantly over the years as we proceed further.

The love-for-life has become a mere attraction and fancy months of being in an intimate relationship. It’s more about the physical connection than emotional and sentimental. The phenomenon of love within society has evolved to love beyond boundaries.

Online dating has also revolutionized the loving sphere. Most of the connections are made online. As presented by PEW Research, 48% of people aged 18-29 say that they have used a dating site or an application to find a prospective partner.

According to a survey conducted, around 7.86 million people use Tinder, and 5.03 million use Bumble, platforms for online-dating. This statistical evaluation presented how the phenomenon altered of dating and how it is expanding day by day.


Background Of The Word ‘Dating’

The term was somewhat scandalous back 100 years ago. The phenomenon was also not understood the way it has been understood now; dating was merely known as courtship rituals. There has been a remarkable background explaining how courtship being altered to dating.

Back in 1896, the term date or dating was popular. The term was first introduced in a newspaper-column mentioning about a young man who was lamenting as his girlfriend was seeing other guys on the dates they were supposed to meet.

So, he termed it as she’s giving my dates to him. From there, the term date emerged and was transitioned into the word we use.

But, unlike today, it wasn’t like jumping on the bandwagon. In the 1900s, dating or meeting a guy in public was considered a felony. The women could be arrested as the concept wasn’t clear, and dating was regarded as veritable prostitution.

Courtship ritual doesn’t involve privacy because the suitors had to meet each other at homes where there were always eyes and ears close by. And suddenly dating became business, as previously courtship was only expressed for marriage.

The concept of having a real relationship has transformed. A prospective was created that people need to buy presents for meeting each other, well-attired, and meet at a luxurious place.

How Did ‘Dating’ Come In America?  What Are American Language Norms For Dating?

The concept of romance has existed for centuries, but courtship or meeting your lover was instead a sacred thing. With the formation of new digital applications and technologies, the meaning of dating and having a pure-loving relationship has changed.

The courtship rituals and concepts have been evolving since the 16th century. In the 21st century, love or dating has become more of a self-interpreted concept, which is much altered from the traditional idea of the past.

The dating websites since their origin in the 1990s have removed the purity, boundaries and even made it difficult to have commitments.

Previously, initial impression mattered, assessments were conducted, and both partners learned about each other with interactions that were not as swift as of today. But as we advanced into the modernity, the concept of dating has somewhat changed to attractions.

Obviously, with dating apps like Tinder, bumble, MeetMe, Grindr,, etc. the development of the concept has created misunderstandings.

Unlike other European countries, the English spoken and understood in the United States is different. Communicating with each other isn’t difficult if you are wondering about it, but the language norms are notably different.

The US’s language norms regarding dating are different, and if you are planning on dating a partner from the US, you’d better read this and find the best qualities a partner must-have.

The American culture is diverse as the rules and concepts vary from state to state. American culture is inclined towards the casual side. In the present time, where people are fond of going to bars, clubs, and using dating apps, new relationships and proposals are being made on these.

In the US, people are more open-minded and are always open to more fun. Marriage is not still the goal and desire when dating. Dating is more towards hooking up, and most couples end up having sex the very first night.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, almost all Americans have physical relationships when dating, including 77% of premarital and 95% of adults aging more than 40.

There are indeed some changes in US language in particular. For example, if you like someone, an American would rather say ‘I enjoy your company,’ or ‘I like spending time with you,’ than ‘I like you.’

Why Are 20 Years of Teens Involved In Dating?

Young people tend to be more interested in dating around in their teens because of the young-age attractions and hormonal changes. The frequency of adolescent dating is increasing with every passing day, as technology has things easier for everyone.

The students of high school have been found more striking with the concept of dating. Having a relationship in your early life isn’t harmful or will not expose you to harm. Instead, educating the children about having a healthy relationship needs to be promoted.

Establishing or maintaining a healthy relationship can help adolescents grow more healthily.

They are involved because of exploring in this new attractive side of life. Teens have found valuing intimacy, working on emotional attachment, closeness, happiness, and extreme excitement.

But some find themselves on the rough path and in gloomy days by going in depression as dating applications can be dangerous and harmful. Teen dating is increasing day after day as the digital world, and advancements in technology have made it easier to have a partner online.

It was found in 2015 that 8% of teenagers have romantic partners online, and 24% of them dated or hooked up with somebody they just met online. Parents and teachers should educate children on this topic so that youngsters who are in their teen ages and are more open to this can have a brighter view of this concept.

All of this can have a positive impact as data shows that by the age of 20, 77% of the teenagers are into a physical relationship. Only if they know the consequences and monitored, then teenage dating could be decisive.

Final Thoughts

Dating is generally not something that we consider not to talk about and resist our children from being into it. Everybody needs a partner to share something with, to have one by their side, etc. but, the term needs elucidation.

Maintaining a perfect love-life balance is necessary for everyone, and parents should never be too hard. Dating has increased significantly in modern times with more available platforms and chances to be acquainted with new people.

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