Things to Remember While Using Internet Dating Sites

Dating is all about finding that spark, that connection, that one person you can relate to!

If life is full of ups and downs, romance just adds an extra comfort to it. Over the period of time, dating styles have changed a lot and now the internet has made dating absolutely easier.

But, while everything seems so easy in this era, is it really that easy?

Are there some tips that can come handy when it comes to using internet dating sites? Dating over the internet is an amazing experience but only if you get it all right.

We have compiled a list of things that you can watch out for before jumping into the pool of online dating using sites such as

Read on and tell us if we have missed out on any!


  • Research it well

It is easy to fall for a puppy face, cute eyes and what not! But, don’t be all dazzled at ones. Do your own research. Become almost an FBI agent if the time demands! Stalk him or her on other social media platforms and ensure that you check his or her tagged photos. Learn a little about this person every now and then, it will help you figure out what you are signing into.



  • Go Slow

We get it! It is all amazing and exciting but rushing things won’t help at all. Also, going slow doesn’t mean you are scared, it just means you wish to be a little more cautious, which is okay.

Make it a point to go slow. Taking things slow surely bears sweet fruits. It further gives you ample time to test the persona, understand yourself and the compatibility within your relationship.


  • Don’t crib

That office cribbing or cribbing over your ex? Yes! Keep it under check. Nobody wants to catch up with someone who is a crib store. Talk about good and positive things about life on your first date. You can also converse about your expectations! But, keep those cribbing sessions for your best friend.


  • Video chat before date

Much before actually wearing that cute outfit and preparing for the date, it is best if you video chat! Video calling beforehand helps you eliminate your illusions about them, if any and it will further facilitate you in seeing a clearer picture of them.



  • Get on the call

A lot of times you can understand the compatibility between you two merely through the verbal communication. The best part is when you go on frequent calls with them, you pick up on their vibes. You finally understand the nitty gritties of the way they communicate which tells a lot about their personality.


  • Meet at a public place

Again, from a safety point of view consider meeting at a public place. Pick a good restaurant, that is certainly the best kind of venue to go on a very first date. Other than restaurants, you can decide to go shopping  with your date or grab a quick coffee somewhere which is not an isolated place.

  • Avoid carpooling

It is your first date and you would want to be in control of where you want to go! Taking public transport or your own vehicle is a good idea! Do not rely on carpooling. From a complete safety point of view, no matter how amazing this person could be but safety comes first always.


  • Connect one social network at a time

You may find that there is no harm in connecting on other social platforms. However, don’t do that! We keep on posting and sharing a lot of personal stuff online and you don’t really want this newest person to have a taste of your entire life in one go!

Giving too many personal details is not a good move after all. So curb that itch of adding them everywhere! You can find several more tips here.


  • Carry pepper spray

Doesn’t matter how genuine this person is, going to meet someone for the first time without pepper spray is not a good idea. Besides, perhaps this person is perfectly fine but you may encounter some other emergency of the same kind! It is always advisable to carry a pepper spray with you no matter what.


  • Don’t get sloshed

While having fun is all okay you must remember where the limit is. Getting sloshed at the very first date doesn’t give away a very nice impression on your date. So, drink casually and responsibly. Drink as much as you can handle yourself. From a safety point of view too, it is not right to get sloshed in front of a stranger.


  • Don’t give away personal details

Avoid giving away too  much personal details. Details such as financial ones are best kept for long term commitments. There are a lot of details that are best kept for later dates. You don’t want to bore them with too many details too soon, isn’t it?


These were the few points that you may consider while dating online.

Dating is fun to begin with but a little caution can help you enjoy it without any fear!

Whether it is online dating or an offline setup, these points are going to be helpful in any given situation. Go ahead, put on your best pick up line and get that charm on. The ball is in your court, get going already!


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