Expert investigators tell us the top 5 reasons why people cheat!


A secret kiss in the office. A private rendezvous on the weekend.

Cheating can happen anywhere, anytime. We find out from the experts at  Infidelity Investigators  exactly why men and women have affairs .

From a loss of passion to a love of excitement, they  share the 5 main motivations that drive people to be unfaithful.

  1. Lack of satisfaction in their existing relationship

Whether it’s sexual or emotional, a lack of intimacy is the most common reason people look outside their existing relationship. Losing sexual desire or an emotional connection with their partner can leave men and women seeking that closeness with someone else.

  1. Seeking validation from someone new

Sometimes the reasons for a person cheating have nothing to do with their partner. They can be in a loving relationship but choose to be unfaithful out of their own insecurities. Some people seek validation from someone new in order to satisfy their own ego. This can make a cheater feel like they’re still desirable, giving their self-esteem a boost.

  1. Desire for new sexual experiences

They say curiosity killed the cat, and in some cases, the same goes for relationships. When a relationship becomes monotonous and the sex seems more like a race to the finish line in time to watch the news, bored partners may start to wonder what else is out there. A desire for new sexual experiences and encounters can easily lead to affairs.

  1. Love for the chase

The thrill of the chase alone can be enough to lead some men and women astray. These people aren’t interested in a new relationship; they just want the excitement of hooking someone new. These kind of people will often “hit it and quit it”, leaving their conquest before things become serious.

  1. Seeking revenge

In a relationship that is already on the rocks, some men and women use an affair to get revenge on their partner. Whether their partner has cheated, or they simply suspect them of being unfaithful, they see cheating as a way to hurt them or get even.

Perhaps you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, or you’re searching for answers that explain your own extramarital activities. While an affair can end a relationship, it can also make it stronger. Whatever the reasons for cheating, open communication is the best way to express your emotions and mend your existing relationship.


David Strong has worked at Infidelity Investigators for 4 years now after leaving the state Police Force after a 15 year career in covert surveillance. David has found that these days, often the subject of a cheating partner investigation will behave the same way as a criminal. They do not want to get caught out! At Infidelity Investigators the focus is on catching cheating partners and spouses. 

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