Is Uber the new way to find your Soulmate?


Finding love is a walk in the park… Jurassic Park.

We all know that dating in this day and age is a little bit more complicated than what it really needs to be. We are, however, a very innovative and proactive society, and it seems we just keep coming up with new ways to meet future lovers.

Ever since online dating sites and dating apps became as hot as green smoothies, we have reprogrammed our mindset to actively seek love in new ways. Take social media, for example. No longer is it used purely for sharing our photos, stalking friends and expressing our opinions, people are now gaining the bravado they need to approach total strangers and ask them out. It’s like we have been given this confidence boost ever since we realised it was socially acceptable to be single and openly declare our search for love.

Dating sites are no longer taboo and speed dating is not just for the uncool and desperate. In short, we have turned the quest for love into a kind of #trend. From reality TV shows to dating apps and singles events, it would appear that if you are single currently, it won’t be for very long.

However, there now seems to be a new way to find your soulmate, and that’s through the popular ride-sharing app, Uber. Yes, you heard me right — you can save money and find your future husband or wife all in the same trip.

Who would have thought that yet another millennial technology app that connects people with people would actually turn into a matchmaking service? From recent conversations with several different friends, I can actually say that people have found romance with their chauffeur.

Of course, the app was not originally designed for that purpose, but when you think about it, you can see why opportunities to date your driver might just arise and here’s why:

1. You are having a form of chivalry shown to you

A little old school romance goes a long way, and when someone is driving you (even if you paid them too) it really makes you feel a little more special. This isn’t the same as just catching a taxi. Uber drivers usually take the job quite seriously and will dress smart and make sure that their chariot is clean and professional looking. It’s almost like you were actually being picked up by a date, as there is the combination of both formal and casual in the one person. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to feel a little special by a person they have just met. It gives us confidence and makes us look at the new stranger in a more attractive light, even if they aren’t your usual ideal physical type.

2. You are forced into a conversation

Whether you sit in the back or the front seat, chances are you will probably start chatting to your driver. Unlike a taxi who we most of the time just want to switch off from. Uber drivers are someone we can relate to, they are ever-day people like you and me and so we feel more at ease to converse with them. The problem with dating apps and online dating is most of the time we base our decision to chat to someone off their looks. Where in a social situation like ride sharing, you naturally want to talk to someone. When we get chatting to people, that’s usually when we start to see them in a different light. We all know that looks don’t seal the deal, it’s personality that does. Taking a lift from someone gets us out of our comfort zone, we feel more relaxed because we don’t have to concentrate on the traffic and we usually know it’s good manners to talk to the person driving us!

3. There is a level of trust that must happen

When we date someone, we usually need to feel a certain amount of trust with them. Likewise, when we get a complete stranger to drive us, we must trust them. We want to know they aren’t going to take advantage of us (or crash us into a tree!). It’s that mixture of vulnerability and reassurance that make them appear more attractive. Our body language starts to relax and conversation starts to flow more easily, leaving us open to the possibility of finding compatibility. It may seem like a trivial thought, but who we trust also gives us a sense of freedom to be ourselves.

4. There is less pressure

Think of it as speed dating… in a car. The problem with contrived dates is that they always come with a little bit of pressure. We go into them with expectations of how they should turn out. But when we find ourselves getting to know someone in a normal social situation, we don’t feel as obliged or stressed. Chatting to someone new casually means we can get to know them without feeling like we have to perform or judge them. We don’t set out to date our Uber drivers, therefore we don’t feel the pressure that a normal date might make us feel. In turn, we are able to relax and be ourselves, which always adds to the enjoyment of the experience. This is probably why some people are finding themselves more attracted to their driver.

It may seem like a far fetched idea, but think about it. Uber is just another way that people are able to orchestrate a meeting, so why wouldn’t a few sparks fly?

Article and image originally published on The Huff Post Australia

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