Use Ancient Art of Feng Shui to Bring Love to Your Life

Is your love life less than perfect?

Is your marriage a little rocky? Do you dream of a romantic relationship but it’s just not coming to you?

Well, you might be making your home totally unreceptive of love with your interior design, furniture placement and clutter.

Feng Shui can help you with a variety of love problems, no matter if you’re trying to attract a partner or keep one. Let’s get familiar with a Feng Shui love checklist for your home that will make it open for romantic and stable love.

Declutter your space

Your house should be free of clutter. While the act of decluttering isn’t exactly a part of classical Feng Shui, many experts always include it in their tips for improving love and relationships.

Clutter affects us mentally and when we’re stressed, we quickly lose tolerance for our partners which can lead to conflicts.

Plus, less clutter prevents you from shouting “Clean up after yourself!” and gives you one less thing to argue about.

Put furniture on the carpet

Your furniture shouldn’t be placed against the wall. The main role of furniture (especially in the living room) is to provide relaxation and encourage communication, so forget about any walls in your space.

Put your furniture in the middle of your space, so that at least the front legs stand on the carpet, and people will rush to sit and talk.

Play with double imagery

If you’re looking for a fresh relationship, don’t surround yourself with single items. A single picture in your bedroom, a single chair in the corner or a single plate in your cabinets will further cement your solo nature.

Instead, you need to create the energy of partnership and enforce duality. Accompany your single chair with additional seating, add a second nightstand to your bedroom or double up your artwork.

Improve your front door

The front door is one of the most important aspects of your home in Feng Shui. I

f you want to create a flow of positive energy and make your home receptive to love and happiness, you need to have a strong entrance, especially your front entrance.

Make sure to invest in beautiful and quality entry doors that will make your home inviting and allow Chi or energy to flow easily into your space. New doors will not only improve the look and feel of your entrance but also boost safety which is always desirable.

Invest in a round dining table

Your dining room is the second most important space in your home when it comes to boosting love, right after your bedroom.

Make sure to invest in a round dining table so everyone can see each other and communicate without obstacles. Place enough chairs for everyone in your family, even if you most often don’t eat together.

Add happy family photos

If you’re looking to improve harmony in your marriage, print out some photos of you and your partner and your family and hang your photographs in the hallway, kitchen or living room.

However, keep family photos out of your bedroom—this is your private space and you don’t want other eyes but yours watching you.

Create space for another person

Single people decorate and furnish their spaces for one. They usually include smaller beds, fill their space with their stuff and don’t even include enough space for a future someone.

So, if you’re looking to share your space with someone, make sure to leave a drawer empty, sleep on your side of the bed and leave plenty of room for relationship opportunities.

Cozy up your bedroom

If you’re blessed with a large home, make sure to make your big bedroom feel cozy and snug in order to bring you closer to your partner.

In case you have any adjoining rooms, make sure to keep them closed while you sleep. If you don’t have doors, install practical curtains to keep the positive energy inside your bedroom.

Any issues with growing apart from your partner can also be solved with getting a smaller bed that will allow you to get closer both physically and emotionally.

Add a touch of pink

In Feng Shui, pink is the color of relationships, so it’s a great color to have in your home, especially your bedroom.

Pink represents happiness, love, romance, and joy and even a splash of this color will do wonders for your space.

Similarly, light blue is also a positive color for relationships.

Remove distractions

The bedroom is all about passion, relaxation, rejuvenation and love, not about your TV or your phone.

So, in order to increase intimacy in your bedroom, make sure to invest in heavy drapes for your windows, move the TV to your living room and place all your gadgets away from your bed.

Every good bedroom is low-tech and high in romance. Another thing you can ditch from your bedroom is exercise gear.

The effort and resentment you might be feeling towards exercise can translate to your love life, so make sure to do your exercising somewhere else in the home or outside of it.

You don’t want your relationship to feel like something you need to work super hard for.

Remove negative imagery

If you often argue and feel stressed in your home, make sure to take a look around. Any imagery of battle like swords on the bedroom or guns on the living room wall can awaken negative emotions in you and your partner.

This is a common Feng Shui mistake, so keep your artwork pleasant, uplifting and inspiring. If you’re looking to start a new relationship, make sure to remove all objects that belong to your ex, especially if that relationship ended badly.

No matter how nostalgic you are, those objects have no place in your home. Instead, make a collage of images you consider ideally romantic and harmonious.

Place it in a visible spot and let it invite exactly those emotions into your life.

These Feng Shui tips will not only open up your home to romance, love, and happiness but also make it overall more attractive and pleasing. So, even if you’re skeptical of Feng Shui, you can’t deny its aesthetic benefits—it’s a win-win situation for your lovely home!

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