Single? Well wait till you hear about happn!

Image courtesy of nenetus at

Images courtesy of nenetus at

It’s time to confess. We have all had that one moment whereby we have this unforgettable twenty second encounter with the possible love of our life… and then never see them again. Whether it’s reaching for the same can of beans and connecting eyes, or staring furiously at them from behind a fern in a coffee store. Or perhaps they don’t even know you exist and you just happen to gaze upon their beauty whilst pressed up against some sweaty man’s armpit in the crowded train.  The bottom line is, we all wish that we could have that second moment, that second chance to actually talk to them. Well ladies now you can!

Yes that’s right, thanks to the latest dating app happn, you now can locate and make contact with the cute guy you have been not-so-secretly dreaming about. No longer do we have to rely on our social media stalking skills, happn can make those chance encounters become our next date.

OK whilst it isn’t as simple as just downloading the app, your crush must also be in the same area as you and on happn as well, that way you can send each other a “like” and get chatting. The great thing though, is that this is the only dating app out there that uses geo-location to make potential dates possible.  What does this mean? This means that you can see in ‘real time’ who is actually available and looking for love. So you know those neon signs we all wish existed that pointed out who is single? Well now you have them…only they are in your hand…in the form of a dating app. #amazingID-100365767

It’s simple and easy to use and best of all I can actually testify that it works. The last few weeks I had a lovely single gal pal who would not stop talking about a guy she would see every day in their local coffee shop. Our conversation about “Mr Grey Suit” went something like this:

Me: “So just go talk to him already!”

Her: “No I can’t, what if he rejects me?!”

Me: “You won’t know unless you try!”

Her “He’s probably married to Miss USA with 2 children and a puppy dog”

Me: “Well that’s a little dramatic…I wish I had a puppy dog”

Eventually after listening to her daily stories (and me being totally exasperated of hearing her pining after this guy) I told her to try happn, because she had nothing to lose! If this “ Mr Grey Suit” wasn’t on happn then at least she would find another guy to distract her . But low and behold he was and now they are happily going through the exciting/awkward first stages of dating (and they both owe me a coffee for it)!

Needless to say this app has actual potential to help you locate your mystery crush or just find out who’s out there searching for love like you. So if online dating is too time consuming for you , or perhaps you are just sick and tired of contemplating a life of cats and crosswords …then why not give happn a go.

Happy Dating !!

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