We Are Nominated For The 2019 Dating Blog Awards

We gave you love , now we need your vote.

Last year we won best dating and relationship blog in Australia and were listed in the top 30 worldwide .

And now we are up for nomination again and are ready to take home the title again.

The Dating Blogs Award 2019 nomination is entirely user-based, which means our users decide which blogger will receive the largest prize.

The vote percentage is divided among the nominees will determine the division of the full amount of the prize worth €300.

Every vote will be counted to ensure fairness with regards to which bloggers receive how much of the prize money.

For us it’s not about the money , intact that prize is going straight to our selected charity Destiny Rescue.

We just love the idea of being recognised for the love education we bring to the world.

So to show your support , vote with the link below!

The deadline for the votes is 12:00pm on October 10, 2019.

To vote for us click here 

Dating Blogs Award 2019

Originally posted 2019-10-05 02:42:30.

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