What To Do When He Pulls Away In A Relationship

He’s started to pull away , this next move is vital.

What to do when he pulls away in your relationship? Or maybe when things have just started to go somewhere , he pulls back.

He doesn’t want to break it off , yet at the same time you feel like things aren’t going anywhere and you are worried that you won’t get the commitment you want.

Do this trick when he pulls away to make him realise you have a standard and that you aren’t going to settle for limbo.

This video teaches you how get him to step up his game because I give you the number 1 thing to do when he pulls away. Do this immediately when he pulls away and he will fear losing you !

What to do when he pulls away in a relationship . Do this immediately when he pulls back!

So what is the magic thing that you need to do?

Stop giving him girlfriend benefits whilst he isn’t giving you boyfriend commitments! 

You have to stop rewarding his lack of investment . If he decided to pull back , then you have to too. If you keep giving as much or even more , he will have no reason to step up or give back equal amounts.

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