Which diamond shape are you?!

The holiday season also means that proposal season is here as well.

As many of us gather round to trim the tree, those of us in committed relationships might also be wondering when that special someone will be getting down on one knee.

Picking out a ring can be one of the most exciting parts of an engagement. Whether you’ve been using Pinterest to allude to the diamond you want, urging your sister to drop hints on a particular shape or have yet to think about which diamond suits you, one thing that’s certain is that there are many characteristics to consider.

Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are the quick basics many people refer to when examining diamonds but, don’t forget about the shape.

The shape of a diamond will play an important role in the purchase process and finding something the fits your preferred taste and style. So, which diamond suits you?

To help you find out, Invaluable created a guide to the 10 most popular diamond shapes. Browse through the list below and mark your favorites and don’t forget to take the fun quiz to determine which shape matches your personality!

diamond shapes guide



diamond shapes

Pictures courtesy of Invaluable.com

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