Why do the best of us get dumped? Podcast episode!

Is it you ? It it him?

It doesn’t matter who you are , what you look like or how successful you are , even the best of us get dumped.

Smart successful , beautiful , it happens to everyone. The key is knowing where you went wrong, not taking it personally and using the lesson to propel you forward.

This week our founder Renee Slansky featured on one of the top Dating podcast Done Being Single with Treva and Robby. 

Renee unpacks why we get rejected even when we bring value and what to do to make sure you don’t repeat negative patterns or live in the hurt.

To listen to the podcast now click below :

About the Hosts

How did Treva and Robby Scharf know it was time to settle down? Because they were done being single. Before getting married for the first time at 51 and 57, Treva and Robby did it all, dated it all, and lived to tell.

With a combined 108 years of single life experience under their belts, Treva and Robby are dating survivors. They’re the authorities on being single and finding love later in life.

Treva and Robby don’t just offer empty platitudes and promises, they offer dating intervention. From dating apps to dating gaffes, from getting a second date to getting laid, Treva and Robby have a toolbox of tips, and a guest list of dating coaches, relationship experts, therapists, personal growth influencers, and thought leaders to help people get out of dating hell and find real love.

If you’re a dating hater ready to up your dating game, then you’re ready for DONE BEING SINGLE. Tune into DONE BEING SINGLE, broadcasting live Thursdays at 12 Noon Pacific Time on The Sexy Lifestyle Network.

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