Woman of the Week : Emma Mullings

Emma Mullings 2016

Who: TV Presenter , radio announcer , journalist , writer and world changer

Why we love her: For her honesty about life’s struggles and the permission she gives us to not only open up about our own battles ,but to also realise we can conquer them. For her grace, positivity and fighting spirit  and the never ending smile we see on her face!

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Producing and presenting a range of TV shows that people actually watched! ha!

Going back to further studies after having babies…and graduating with a journalism degree.

Chatting to Sydney every morning on Hope and bringing them a different perspective to mainstream media.

Having my writing published in a range of publications

Producing a news story for network ten that brought light to Nodding Syndrome an epidemic in Northern Uganda I saw when I was there to visit my sponsored child

Creating two beautiful kids.

Making through my teenage years – yep that one is making the list 🙂

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:

TV Presenter for What’s New?

Radio announcer – Mornings with Emma 9am – 1pm weekdays HOPE 103.2FM

Writer – Freelance

I’m also writing some music at the moment, that’s my love project.

5 favourite things:

My kids

My hubby


Bush walks

The beauty of music



1: What is your biggest challenge and greatest achievement to date?

Biggest challenge was overcoming severe depression back in 2011 – greatest achievement is being mum to my two kids.  I never thought I would be a mum, they are the greatest gift and have brought out the best in me.

2:Who influences and inspires you daily?

My husband is actually a great inspiration for me.  He always believes the best in people and calls it out of them.  He has always believed in me more than I’ve believed in myself and has supported me in everything I do.  I love joyce Meyer and TD Jakes to name two people who have been massive influences in my life.

3: What do you think is vital to any healthy relationship?

I think the key in any relationship is having the mentality of, ‘it’s not about what you can get, but what you can give’.  If you have two people operating in that way, it’s a beautiful thing.  I think also always being a “learner” – always growing within ourselves.  Being self aware.   Knowing how to communicate in a healthy manner.  They don’t teach you this stuff at school or university – often we just repeat the patterns that were on display for us in our own home growing up, but this isn’t always the best way to do life.  If we want things to be different, we need to do something different and we can all learn and grow in every area.

4: Do you think the media has damaged our perceptions of beauty?

Yes.  I think those who work in media understand and know how it all works and know that shots are airbrushed and altered but unfortunately most of the general public don’t, and they perceive that as the reality of what a woman looks like.  This in turn (for some, not all) creates an unrealistic standard of what they feel they must look like, so they are comparing themselves to something that doesn’t exist.  We need to be aware of how this outplays for the next generation; our daughters are the first generation growing up surrounded by social media and all that brings with it.  They are being bombarded with pics of the perfect bum, boobs and colour, this is new territory for us as women to have to help them navigate.  The key is that they know their self worth – that they were created designer’s original!  There is no one like them, they have been made perfect and they can embrace their divine difference.

5: What do you think is the biggest challenge in dating and relationships nowadays?

I think in the world we live in today there are lots of distractions and lots of “busyness”.  Our time is pulled left and right more and more and we need to take the time to focus on what is important.  Relationships require giving.  Giving of our time, our attention and our focus.  What most of us fail to realise is…The grass is greener…. where you water it.

6: How do you balance your career and husband and children?

Oh My!!! Ha ha well balance is a funny thing that comes and goes…I work well with schedules and lists.  Our calendars link and we have a clear schedule up on our fridge.  There is a lot to navigate and we don’t have any family in Sydney.  I think organisation and planning ahead is the key. If you value it, you should calendar it!  If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.  If I say I value something and not make time for it, then the truth is, I truly musn’t value it.  As a family we schedule quality time, and moments to create memories, so that the busyness and emergencies of life don’t take our focus.

7: Where does your value come from?

I have a strong belief in God as my creator, so my value comes from knowing who I am in Christ.  Knowing I have been fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139).   There have been many challenges in my life and the fact that I am still here and still alive can only be accredited to God.   My older sister passed away, my mum also passed away when I was young, and my younger sister is severely brain damaged, so I often have the perspective of  – ‘Wow I am the only one with breath in my lungs and strength in my body, this life is a gift and I need to make it count.’ 

8: What do you think are the most important qualities in a relationship and marriage?

Being a learner  – two people who are willing to grow.


Focus on the positives

Speaking LIFE

Working as a team

Praying for each other

Choosing your battles

9: What do you think women need more of in life?

LOVE – we were created to give love and to receive love.  We can give love everyday.  It’s the little things, the smile to the lady at the cafe, paying for someones coffee when they are short of change, you just don’t know what is going on behind the scenes for people, and your one small act could be the one thing that gives them the strength to keep going that day.

10:  The biggest key to a successful marriage is …..

Learning to love and see each other the way Christ loves and sees us.

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