Woman of the Week: Jillian Rezo

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Who: Make-up artist to the Hollywood stars, breast cancer survivor , charity founder and international inspiring woman.

Why we love her: For her grace and endless positive attitude towards life,  for her fighting spirit and incredible empathy towards cancer sufferers and amazing talents as a make up artist!

Follow: www.beautifulself.org


While I am proud of many things in my long career, I would say my greatest achievement is starting Beautifulself ,a non-profit charity for women with cancer with my friend Michele.

-QVC and International spokeswoman for Laura Gellar Beauty

– Make-up artist to celebrities around the world

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:

Artistry Advisor for Laura Geller Beauty and Co founder of non profit Beautiful Self

5 favourite things:

( it’s hard to limit I have a lot)

My husband Steve

My dogs Sam and Lola

My family friends and animals!!! I love animals

Old Movies and Silent Film Stars mostly Rudolph Valentino

Anything that makes me laugh or happy

Random Acts of Kindness

A great biography

Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly

Anyone that is true to himself or herself


1: What inspires you daily?

The power of prayer and meditation.

2: Do you find it hard to juggle a high demanding career and marriage?

No, because my husband is extremely supportive and encouraging. If it makes me happy, he is all in.

2: What do you think is the key to a successful marriage?

It’s such an individual question.  However, speaking from my own experience, and so far for us, lol. I would say we deeply understand and respect each other. We always have each other’s back and make each other laugh every single day. I’ve never felt more myself around anyone I had ever dated, so I knew it was different. At the end of the day I believe every couple finds their own recipe, and as long as it works for both parties you can continue to grow as a couple.

 3: Who has been the biggest influences for you?

Probably every person I have ever spent time with, whether in that moment, or much later.

But if I have to say overall it ranges from the teachings of Jesus, to Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Depok Chopra and many more along the lines of universal teachings.

4:  As a Breast Cancer survivor, how has this medical challenge strengthened the relationship with yourself and husband?

Cancer and life after comes with so many challenges, financial, emotional, mental and physical. Its often much harder on the spouse or partner then the actual patient. Aside from taking care of you, praying and waiting for the outcome they often silently feel helpless. Cancer causes utter disruption to a family unit. So in all ways we rediscovered our strengths as individuals and a couple.

5: What inspired you to start your own non for profit charity Beautiful Self?

It started as an experiment in creative expression. Being in an image driven industry, while I was ill no one wanted to hire me, so not creating or expressing myself was awful because it gave me more time to focus on the illness. So I asked my close friend and photographer Michele if we could photograph the year and half long journey never thinking it would be more then a personal record, and something to keep me busy and creating. So I began to play out characters on film, ones I would not have, had cancer not affected me..

Through the months we noticed a metamorphosis happening, as I was deconstructed physically a more powerful spirit emerged, and it began to show in the photos.

We just had a gut feeling and really wanted to share a different version of what you can do through treatment, besides the constant medical world you are thrust in to.

So we presented to my hospital support group thinking maybe 1 or 2 women would sign up. The entire group signed up and they just kept coming. Right now without advertising we have a wait list of over 40. But the line grows quickly as soon as one of our gals posts her pics on social media.

As the word spread, we knew we had to move faster, and get the much needed support, …because every woman deserves to feel like a movie star, especially since cancer treatment and its life long after effects try to tell you, you are no longer beautiful. It’s really much bigger then us, and we had to turn it into a non profit to get the funding needed to expand the way we need to. It is the most rewarding work we will ever do…

 6: Do you think women have more pressure placed on them then men in today’s society?

I think the typical societal family roles and structure have changed, so the pressure could land on anyone’s head, man or woman.

7: What do you think defines beauty?

I get that question a lot, and it may sound cliché. But I can’t tell you enough confidence is everything. Not arrogance, but absolute confidence in who you are as a woman. At any age!

8: Where do you get your self-worth from?

I’ve learned to love myself. Which can be challenging anyway, but especially in a body I struggle dealing with and recognizing. With that everything falls into place.

9: The key to happiness is……….

Love in all ways and forms..just love

10: Lastly what is your focus and goals for the coming year?

To get back to Australia as much as possible! Stay healthy, be present, and live in a state of allowance and possibility.


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