All work and no play? How to prioritise your date schedule

Life can get really busy, and most of the time we like to think our dream partner will manifest their way into our existence, whilst fitting seamlessly into our weekly schedule.

By throwing a smile at a stranger or creating a online dating profile, you think you’ve done all you can to find the right one. But it’s all about your consistency in taking real action to prioritize your dating life.

Needless to say you may have become incredibly impatient and frustrated when your love life doesn’t seem to progress the way in you had hoped it would.

But let’s get serious; whatever you value, you prioritize and make time for. This is why you need to set active time aside in our weekly schedule to date.

It’s not necessarily about allocating a specific time slot each week, but rather making room for the possibility of love in general.

So here are a couple of reasons why you need to start putting date night in the calendar and how to go about it:


1: See the bigger picture rather than just the present circumstances

You think finding love or dating someone is about the right timing. Sure, there are more ideal situations or circumstances to meet someone, but you need to stop limiting the opportunities based of what is or isn’t convenient for you.

See beyond some of the challenges and obstacles that are taking up your time right now, and understand that in order for you to reach a future goal, you have to start with what you can do now in the present.


2: What you allow is what will continue

It’s so easy to blame time (or the lack thereof) when it comes to life in general. Yet you are the one in control of every decision you make. We must make time for all the things we like to do outside of work. Take responsibility for the part you play in your own life to attracting and receiving love.


3: Re-organize your routine and make space for love

Like anything, it comes down to how bad you want it. Do you want to find love enough that you actively start scheduling date nights in your calendar? By just thinking about dating, won’t get you very far. Progress in any area of your life takes action.

It’s time to re-organize your priorities and become more efficient in balancing your work and social schedule. You can’t keep pushing it back and hope it automatically takes care of itself. 

It’s easy to play safe or become all too comfortable in our daily routine. Saying yes to a drink with a friend or partaking in a night on the couch, instead of meeting someone new, may seem more appealing, but it isn’t going to get you the long term result you’re looking for.

Finding love means stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it means saying no to other people and things.


4:  Set a few goals

If you need to put a few goals on your to-do list to achieve some romance, then don’t think twice about doing that. Whether it’s joining a new social group, heading to a singles event or aiming to go on at least two dates a month, try and visual what’s needed to achieve your ultimate desired outcome.

When you set goals to keep you accountable it gives you a sense of progress and direction.


As seen originally on Plenty Of Fish. 

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