Workshop : Learn the secrets of attraction through body language

Experience the Power of Connection. Learn the Secrets of Attraction. Prepare to WOW.

The Love Destination in conjunction with Relationship and Body Language Expert Katia Loisel are thrilled to bring you this one day intensive one-day workshop focussed on teaching you the body language of attraction and connection.

Ever wondered whether someone was flirting or just being friendly? Or sat across someone and wondered ‘what are they thinking’? Would you like to know how to decipher body language, get the IT factor and learn how to look and feel instantly more confident, attractive and powerful, all through simple changes to your body language?

Understand, Connect, Engage… and experience how mastering body language can improve your life and relationships.

Our bodies don’t lie. In fact, we send out over 10,000 stimuli during every interaction that reveal what we’re really feeling. And first impressions stick. Within a fraction of a second of first meeting someone, you’ve not only made a decision on whether you like them or not but also whether you trust them and what kind of relationship you’d like to have with them.

The problem is that most people have lost touch with how to read it.

What you will get from this event

In this powerful, supportive and interactive program, Katia will show you how to reconnect with your inner body language expert to truly understand and connect with yourself and others. You will learn the secrets of attraction, how to recognise and decipher nonverbal green and red light signals and experience first hand how tapping into your innate ability can transform your relationships. Based on the latest scientific research and over 15 years working in the field, this fun interactive one day workshop with Katia Loisel will completely transform the way you attract, connect, and engage.
Katia will help you to:

  • Make a dazzling first impression
    Learn the secrets of attraction
    Know when someone’s interested or just being friendly
    Decipher what your body language is really saying about you and how others perceive you
    Use power body language to boost confidence, reduce nerves and manage your emotions
    Understand how your nonverbal communication can positively or negatively affect others
    Overcome blocks and fears that prevent you from meeting and keeping your ideal partner
    Overcome fears of rejection and embarrassment
    Learn how to build instant rapport, trust and connection
    Learn how to make yourself instantly more attractive
    Read facial expressions, micro expressions and body language
    Understand how you react verbally and nonverbally under pressure
    Read common red light behaviours including discomfort, doubt, resistance and deception
    Understand your body language tics and micro-gestures that give you away
    Improve your relationships
    Experience the power of connection

If you’re sick of chasing and would rather attract your dream date or job, have fun connecting with people and transform your relationships, then this workshop is for you.


Prepare to WOW!
Join us:
Sunday 7th of May
10:00 – 5pm
300 Spencer St, Melbourne 3000
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About Katia Loisel

Internationally reknown Dating, Relationship and Body Language expert and vibrant speaker Katia Loisel has worked with thousands of people and has been interviewed in the media over 900 times including on; The Morning Show, ABC, News 24, The Daily Edition, The Circle, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, TVNZ and publications such as; BRW, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Good Health and Medicine, Women’s Health, Grazia, New Idea, and many more. She is the host of the new TV Series French Kiss: The Art and Science of Kissing, co-author of How to get the Man/Woman you Want and the creator of a How To Dating Series that attracted over 12 Million views on YouTube alone.
Katia is a dynamic speaker and trainer, delighting, engaging, motivating and educating audiences. She has designed and conducted over a hundred keynote speeches, workshops and seminars. She has worked with thousands of people, helping Individuals and Organisations understand and improve their non-verbal communication, body language and relationships. She loves what she does and it shows: her vibrant, vivacious, bubbly personality, spot on analysis, content and expertise making her a hit with the audiences and the media alike. Her past clients include Telfast®, Blackberry®, Veet®, Warner Bros Home Entertainment, Lynx, Gillette, Dynamic Business, Australian Consolidated Press and One Shift.
Katia is the Founder of The Love Destination, a global digital TV and media network dedicated to everything love. She is on a mission to conquer loneliness and disconnection, inspiring and empowering women through everything love.

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